Mapping Global Campaigns for Environmental Justice

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Do you have an interest in global environmental justice? Do you wonder about what communities are doing worldwide to stand up for themselves in cases of ecological conflict?

This is quite fantastic…

Mapping ecological conflicts - EJ Atlas 

Across the world communities are struggling to defend their earth, air water and resources and their livelihoods from damaging environmental impacts. Mining projects, mega dams, tree plantations, fracking, gas flaring, incinerators, etc … As resources needed to fuel our economy move through the commodity chain from extraction, processing and disposal, environmental impacts are externalized onto the most marginalized populations. But all this takes place far from the eyes of the consumers of the end-products. The EJ atlas aims to make these impacts more visible and to make the case for true corporate and state accountability for the injustices inflicted through their activities.

This Atlas collects stories from around the world of communities struggling for environmental justice. It attempts to serve as a virtual space for those working on EJ issues to get information, find other groups working on related issues, and increase the visibility of environmental conflicts.

These maps take a look at communities who are/were in the midst of an ecological conflict. These are cases of the real battles – the success, the failures, and the ongoing campaigns – against issues of pollution, water rights, land conflicts, climate change, natural resource extractions, and more. The environmental justice atlas allows us to explore color coded issues from severe mercury poisoning in Japan to hazardous waste landfills in the U.S. and a lot more in between.

You can filter the map by all sorts of criteria (category, resistance, impacts, to name a few) or explore by country, company (Shell has a lot of conflicts under their name for instance), commodity, or type. Or simply start clicking.

Certainly not every campaign is included, but this has been quite an undertaking. A collaborative process over several years, the project’s aim is to determine underlying causes of increasing ecological distribution conflicts at different scales, and how to turn such conflicts into forces for environmental sustainability.

I encourage you to go check out the Atlas of Environmental Justice and share it far and wide! Once you’ve explored a bit, come back and tell me if you learned anything interesting!



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