Motivating Change in the Face of Apathy

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Late night ponderings, contemplations that keep me up at night, considerations that have me stepping out of my comfort zone, questions of intimidation that have me concerned about the fate of humanity. Any of us who write about movements, activism, or education on how to change our world for the better grapple with the same question time and time again: how do we get people to care?

And more specifically, how do we get them to care enough to get off their arse and do something, whether that something is big, small, or somewhere in between? Then if we can do that, how can we move them (and us) to continue to expect more, do more, be more?

How can I continue fighting the good fight when we all get burned out? Why must I spend energy when others have the luxury of apathy?

Simply put, I want to create the society I want to live in. There is complexity in finding solutions to fighting the status quo, but it can be done. I must believe in the power for us to effect positive change.

Quotes and stories that live in truth are often overused, misused, or even attributed wrongly, but still, when we hear them it stirs something in the heart. When we think about their meaning, it prompts us to take notice. That is what matters. We need more of what moves us.

I want to find where that disconnect is between feeling and acting.

I challenge myself to see what happens when we frame the conversation differently. When we remove power from some words and give rise to others.

I challenge myself to remember those who I seek to bring along in my tidal wave of truth-seeking, change-making ideals and encourage, not shame.

I challenge myself to learn more about the diversity of experience that leads all on our own path. Then to seek to find where our paths cross and wait for others in the intersection.

I challenge myself to never give up.

I challenge you to consider what motivates you to learn… act… share… teach, then see how far you are willing to push yourself and for what reason. Share your journey with us.


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Motivating Change in the Face of Apathy — 14 Comments

  1. That good old disconnect between feeling and acting! It is so easy to feel and think but a whole different animal to actually do!

    I love your call to action. I think it is one that more people to champion.

    Thanks for the wonderful post and for participating in our first Carnival!

    • Thank you, Jennifer, I am happy to participate!

      I think I understand intellectually why there is a disconnect, but emotionally can’t figure out why people won’t behave in a way that respects their own stated values. My hope is there are more of us out there than we realize who do care and do act. It will take us all.

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  5. Amen. Having people care and not act is almost more frustrating then when people don’t care at all. Because getting people to care about things is much simpler than getting people to really DO something about them. Great post!
    Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet recently posted..Change {variety}

  6. I find it hard even for myself to link action to my beliefs, to exact the change I want without losing sight of the people I am trying to influence, including myself. Sometimes I am discouraged but knowing that simply by sharing my experiences and the information that motivates me personally, I am creating that change within my life and that of my children and sometimes that is enough.
    Wolfmother recently posted..Changing My Mindset – April FH Blog Carnival

  7. I learned early on in my activist days (in highschool, running Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving) that you cant’ make people care, and I’ve struggled with this very thing ever since. It’s probably the single most frustrating and disappointing thing about being an activist; people who ignore you, shrug and turn away from your petition, who say they’ll show up to a rally but don’t, etc and on and on. There’s a HUGE gulf between someone who says “Oh yeah, great idea!” and someone who actually shows up. I’ve learned I can’t be the only one showing up all the time, every time. I do what I can on my own and when I find like-minded individuals we band together and set small, realistic goals. Great post!

  8. I have to agree with JeninCanada, it is so frustrating to feel passionate about a topic and be met with lukewarm response! Like, great idea! But do something about it? I don’t know that I can. Argh.
    It is also true, though, that there are a million causes, all of them wonderful, and it is difficult to zero in on one or several when there are so many needs in the world. I just finished “Half the Sky” which advocates for the emancipation of women around the world, particularly in developing or impoverished nations, and as the authors are journalists they repeatedly acknowledged that statistics and information don’t result in action for audiences. Personal stories do.
    So keep telling your story! It makes a difference!
    Melissa Vose recently posted..Blissed Out on Birth, Drunk on Baby Skin

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