Protect Wild African Lions

Lions at the Oregon Zoo

Lions. There not enough words to describe their incredible power, majestic presence, and their awesome roar (or panic-inducing depending where you are). Now the wild population, like so many of our other great predators, are in danger. Estimates indicate there are as few as 32,000 African lions left in the wild.

The Endangered Species Act is there for a reason, but there are times when we must fight to list, or re-list, an animal to protect it from human behavior.
Endangered Lions Infographic


We ought to do better by these amazing animals. Did you know that the U.S. imports more than half of all lions killed by trophy hunters? This is appalling to me in this day and age. If you agree, we have the chance to speak up. Help protect African lions from hunters by submitting public comment by Monday, January 28. We must stand for those who cannot do so themselves. Can you imagine a world where the only lions left are in captivity?

For more information about IFAW’s work to save lions and how to submit a public comment on the ESA petition, please visit

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