Tea on a Rainy Day, Changing the World

  It is a sit by the window, watching the rain fall, sipping tea kind of day. The wet drops from the sky we’ve so badly needed in West are finally here, and here to stay for a while. The … Continue reading

Mammoth Hot Springs, A Rare Wonder

We came through the northern entrance near Gardiner, Montana. At this point we had traveled 888 miles (not including the first leg) from our home to the entranceĀ of one of our country’s best ideas: Yellowstone National Park. We had about … Continue reading

Wordfull Wednesday: vision, glasses, and children

Glasses have become the bane of my existence and yet I am truly beholden to them. All three of my children wear glasses. If you have seen some of my previous Wordless Wednesday posts that feature those little rascals, you … Continue reading

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