Wine to Water: A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World

Have you ever felt like you needed to find more meaning, more purpose, just more? Looking at the water crisis, the environmental health issues, famine, or children with cancer all make your heart hurt. Who will actually do something about it makes their own lives and the lives of other better?

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Wine to Water

Doc Hendley

Doc Hendley

That is exactly what Doc Hendley felt when he learned about the global water crisis and was inspired to start his non-profit organization, Wine to Water. And then he went and wrote a book about it with the same name.

From the adventure (and I use that term loosely as others would just call it terrifying) in Darfur to becoming a hero to those in desperate need for clean water to taking his gift all over the world, his journey from Raleigh to Sudan (and all over the world) has been life-saving and life-changing. Wine to Water is part memoir, part call-to-action (love a good call-to-action), and shows just how great the water crisis is from a man who spends much of his time in the places that need Wine to Water’s help the most.

Doc was working as a bartender trying to finish up school, but this loner, biker rebel had no plans for what the rest of his life would look like.

Learned from a family friend about Samaritan’s Purse, which sounds like adventure and excitement along with the joy of helping others. He started thinking about the big picture of his life and understanding that his world had grown too small –  there was more to it than being a bartender. That night he woke with a start and as he tossed around the words that came to him he arrived quickly at wine to water. He couldn’t know at that moment that this was his chance to do something great, to do something for others and still be true to himself.

In that early stage of just dreaming about Wine to Water could be, he really had no idea of the significance of water. Once he discovered some of the facts of the crisis, he couldn’t wait to start helping. Luckily due to his contacts made while bartending, his first and second parties as Wine to Water were flawless and he raised more money than he even expected. When trying to get the money where it was needed, Doc was hired by Samaritan’s Purse to go to Darfur himself and learn more while using the money to change the world. This was just the beginning.

And lest you think this is a heavy read, this is one of the most accessible and enjoyable books I have read about a subject filled with heartache, surreal horror, and helplessness. This is a story about grit, determination, and a just “regular guy” who went out to change the world. Inspiring and uplifting. Everyone should read Wine to Water: A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World.

Water Crisis Facts

Global Water Crisis Fact Infographic




















[1. Infographic of incredible visual impact from]



The water crisis claims more lives than any war claims through guns.[2. 2006 United Nations Human Development Report.]

3900 children die every day from water-borne diseases.[3. WHO 2004]

People living in the slums often pay 5-10 times more per liter of water than wealthy people living in the same city.[4. 2006 United Nations Human Development Report.]

In Africa alone, women and children spend 40 billion hours every year just walking for water[5.] and often suspect water at that.

An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than a typical person in a developing country uses in a whole day.[6. 2006 United Nations Human Development Report.]

How Wine to Water Has Helped

Developed aid projects in 12 different countries: Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Peru, Ecuador, and Haiti.

Some of these projects include:

  • Drilling 200 wells in Cambodia.
  • Sponsoring a deep borehole drilling machine in Ethiopia.
  • Built a Haitian run water filter factory to supply water filters to earthquake victims.
  • Built two water filter factories and training facilities in Uganda, distributing over 1000 water filters to those in need all over the country.
  • Dug wells for orphanages in South Africa and Peru.
  • Dug a new well for a community recently cleared of land mines and distributed 200 water filters in Sri Lanka.

And after all their many efforts, Wine to Water has provided an estimated 50,000 people access to clean water with a goal of doubling that by the end of 2011.

Want to Help?

First and foremost, I would recommend conserving water where you live. That may not give water to villages in Africa, but if we all use our water wisely it will provide clean and safe water for generations to come. Our water supply is finite and we must all do our own bit of conservation. If not for yourself, then for your children, your children’s children, and so on.

Visit Wine to Water and learn about how you can get involved with their projects by donating directly (love that you can specify which project to donate to!), host your own event in your community, or buy the wine!

Learn more about Doc Hendley and his incredible journey to bring clean water to those who need it: buy his book Wine to Water: A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World.

The Giveaway

Doc has generously sent me a book to review and is also allowing me to give away one copy of Wine to Water: A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World to a reader of Almost All The Truth!

Wine to Water

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Wine to Water: A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World — 23 Comments

  1. I would lik eto win because this is an inspirational book as well as encouraging to others to participate in what is available to be done.

  2. I would like to help out the people who do not have clean drinking water. I know a friend who have traveled to some of these places she said it is tough to find any fresh water and so many illnesses because of the lack of fresh water. This book brings much needed attention to a serious problem. Good giveaway.

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  4. I would love to win because I’m really passionate about water rights – I even did my senior seminar about the project. That being said, I think this book would be a huge compliment to my knowledge.

  5. I like to win because I’m inspired by people who don’t just sit around complaining about a problem, but rather get out and do something about it!

  6. Just last week, Doc was interviewed on our local morning show (AM Northwest in Portland) and I was captivated by his story and mission. I would love to know more and his story is so inspiring!

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