7 Ways to Find Inspiration

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It is no secret in my home that I procrastinate. Ask me who hasn’t unpacked yet from our recent trip. Too many times – since I was a kid – I’d wait until the last minute to pull things together, even pulling all-nighters to get it done. Yes, I procrastinate, but a lot is waiting for inspiration to strike hot.

Finding inspiration can be difficult at the best of times, but certainly more so when conditions are less than ideal. This is where I am today. There are plenty of things I would love to write about, things I long to share with you, and have put pen to paper countless times about countless topics, but that fiery spark has been missing. 

Does this happen to you?

7 Ways to Find Inspiration This Week

Nature Walk: Whether it is a short walk nearby or a long hike farther afield, getting back to nature is always a good thing for mind, body, and soul. 
Read: Reading is freedom. I read for the joy of it, but it always, always makes me think. 
Listen: Listening to the words around me, particularly in music, always stirs the creative side in me. 
Dig in the Soil: Part communing with the earth and part escape through hard work, digging in the garden gives me a release. Who knew that pulling weeds and growing veggies would give such a feeling of accomplishment?
Meditate: This has been something I have tried, without success, for years, until I started practicing T’ai Chi. The accompanying meditation is something I have come to depend on to get me through the week.
Play: My kids certainly enjoy this one. Let loose and just play.
Do Something Good: Do something that changes the world for the better. Start small, join something big, but just do something.

Where do you find your inspiration when it is lost? 

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7 Ways to Find Inspiration — 1 Comment

  1. I know all about losing one’s inspiration; it’s taken me almost two years to start seriously writing again. I’ve tried here and there to get a new project started, but when my heart isn’t in it, I get easily discouraged. For me the turning point was having something to look forward to, in my case, it’s been trying to get on the show, “The Amazing Race.” Obviously this wouldn’t be motivation for everyone, but this long-term goal has been improving many areas of my life. I don’t want to look like a heifer on national TV, so I’ve lost some weight and now wake up early to go hiking every day. Both the physical activity and communing with nature have really helped me clear my head and become more productive. Piggybacking on that is wanting to legitimately tell America that I’m an an author, which has inspired me to finish writing my second book (much more impressive to say I’ve written TWO books, than just one). The more I get involved in the creating and marketing of my book, the more I want to accomplish in other areas. Really, it’s all about taking continuous baby steps that will eventually snowball and take you to where you need to be.

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