Accidental Environmentalism for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! -

Earth Day has its merits. It gets people thinking about the earth in different ways. There are often great activities that allow people the chance to connect with their community, nature, and sometimes both. It came out of a sincere intention to save the world. It’s fun

But really, I kind of dread this time of year. I usually don’t bother reading any of the countless emails sent to me about the next latest and greatest thing, or idea, I need to see in time for Earth Day. This is not purpose-driven marketing, it’s an excuse.

Don’t get me wrong, there are wonderful brands who are truly sustainable and whose products will help you lead the kind of lifestyle that believes Earth Day is really every day. The great thing about highlighting these brands and products is to tap into the “accidental environmentalist.” The person who didn’t realize how easy it is to be more sustainable, more environmentally conscious, and have a greater positive impact on the world. As we all know how human impact is so often harmful to our own health and the natural world around us.

Here’s what I’d like you to do. There are a thousand articles and ideas out there on how to go green, even specifically about Earth Day. Most of you reading this already know these things, but sometimes new products or brands might surprise you. So go read a few… Then find a way to let a friend, family member, teacher, acquaintance become that accidental environmentalist. Give the gift of a glass straw, work cast iron pans into the conversation on what’s for dinner, seek out a local Earth Day event near you and take a friend, but go beyond the norm. This is Earth Day after all!

Are you in?




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