Back To School: Hungry Children in our Schools

Hunger In Our Schools

Many parents of school-age children have reason to be concerned about the quality and health of the food in schools. Lots of green living advocates suggest packing your child’s lunch every day (waste-free of course) to make sure children get the proper nutrients throughout the week without all the unnecessary additives in school lunches: sodium, preservatives, artificial colors, and the countless nearly unpronounceable ingredients that serve no nutritional purpose. We know that balanced meals and healthy snacks are what give our kids the energy to learn and grow.

What about the nearly 1 in 5 U.S. kids who face the threat of hunger this year?

I worked in a first grade classroom in Oakland, California for one school year. Many of these children came to school hungry and many only ate what the school was able to provide for them. Think about that when it came to standardized test time. Teachers bought food out of their own pockets so these children could begin the test with at least some food in their bellies. Not all children are so lucky.

Hunger In Our Schools Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign.

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Back To School: Hungry Children in our Schools — 2 Comments

  1. When my children did go to public school, I never let them eat the school food. I was a single mother and low income, but chose to make the sacrifices to ensure they had good food to eat. I did not consider what was served in the cafeteria to be food.

    In their last year in public school, I was accused of not feeding my children properly, told that I MUST fill out the forms so my children would eat at the school or else Social Services would be called. They have never been back to a public school since.

    Now, we eat organic foods, mostly from our organic gardens and balcony. I have a feeling that the school would STILL say I was not feeding them properly because of control issues.

    P.S. They were in three different public schools and we have major problems with each one of them. Food being second only to misandry as they are boys.
    Joyness Sparkles recently posted..Romantic Living: Bees

    • Most public schools have horrible nutritional standards, which is one reason the number of hungry children is so concerning. If that is the main source of their food, don’t they deserve better?

      There are many parents, like you, that sacrifice a lot to make sure their kids have healthy, nutritious food, but others that aren’t able to for one reason or another. That is sad that your school didn’t support your choices.

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