Blogging for Social Good: Global Scale

Why Do You Blog?

If you have a blog you have been asked at one point of another, probably a thousand times more like, why do you do it? We all have our answers and love it when we meet another blogger who “just gets it.”

We may find joy.

We may find healing.

We may find meaning.

We may find our voice.

We may use that voice as a tool for something good, something great, something that makes a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

I could probably use any of those answers on various occasions depending on how much time I want to spend on the follow-up, because if you start with any of those things there will be a response. That person may be intrigued, they may be put off by what seem like pretentious platitudes or the new selfish trend for stay-at-home-moms, or they may be sincere, but either way there will be more conversation. Get ready.

Another question comes when you blog about environmental and social justice issues: Why do you care? Political correctness tells us we all should care about clean air, clean water, healthy food options, and human rights, but the reality is the world is harsh for many and many can’t take the time they have to consider the world’s problems and possible solutions.

Mom Bloggers for Social Good

I have recently joined a new endeavor of the Mom Bloggers for Social Good called the Global Team of 200. 200 of the most amazing mamas lending their voices each month to the world who needs our collective power.

Brenna Burke - Almost All The Truth“Using social media for social good means we can take the power of a collective voice and amplify it to make a real difference. We all must play a part to make the world a better place and if this is one thing I can do, along with 199 other moms, then no one will stop me, and us!”

This is what I said about joining The Global Team of 200 – a highly specialized group of Mom Bloggers for Social Good members who focus on maternal health, children, hunger, and women and girls.

I believe it and I’m going to live it.

Follow along with the social good the Global Team of 200 can do, with all of your help to spread the word of course!


This first month we have to choose two out three possible projects. Will you help me decide?

1. UNICEF Trick-or-TrickTrick-or-Treat for UNICEF encourages kids of all ages to help raise funds for their peers in developing countries by going door-to-door on Halloween night or participating in other festive fundraising activities.

2. OXFAMOxfam America is working to get the word out about a new set of principles, called the GROW Method, to help people make everyday choices that can improve our global food system between now and World Food Day 2012 on October 16th.

3. World Food Programme: The World Food Programme works to fight hunger worldwide and is currently working in Bolivia to provide nutritious meals for children in schools.

Which programs deserve the most social media attention? Which two would you choose to highlight?

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