Do the KIND Thing, Portland!

Tree Planting with Friends of Trees.

I believe in intentional acts of kindness. I believe in small steps toward permanent change. The campaign I get to tell you about today challenges us in both of those areas.

Trees and KINDness

Did you know that over 4 million trees are either dying or being destroyed in U.S. cities each year meaning, at this rate, about 90 percent of existing urban tree cover will be lost by next year? Urban trees are an important resource in our cities. They clean the air, improve water quality, and provide a value-added benefit to city infrastructure in terms of increased property values, noise reduction, and quality of life.

What do trees and kindness have to do with one another?

Starting May 29, “Do the KIND Thing” is asking Portland to do the following act of kindness: do something kind for the environment – recycle something, participate in a trash clean up or bike instead of drive. If enough people pledge to carry out this act by June 5, KIND will partner with Friends of Trees to plant thousands of trees in communities throughout Portland.

Friends of Trees works to bring community together to plant and care for urban trees bringing those benefits to the neighborhoods that need them. The Green Space Initiative also trains people to restore public natural areas and green spaces between freeways and neighborhoods. What an amazing way to build community and environment.

One small act from us leads to one big kind act for us! Sounds pretty perfect for Portland, right? I say we get started!

Get Involved, Be KIND!

  • Visit the “Do The KIND Thing” website and pledge to do something kind for the environment.
  • Encourage your friends, family and neighbors to do the same.
  • Share your story with KIND on their Facebook page. You may even get a chance to win some cool prizes.
  • Share here and inspire others to join in!
  • Join the KIND Food Truck at Portland’s iconic Pioneer Courthouse Square on June 5th from 10am-1pm. KIND will be giving out some healthy snacks for you to try, also complimentary packets of seeds to watch your act kindness grow!


Every month, “Do the KIND Thing” creates a challenge within a new city to do one act of kindness for someone else. If enough people sign up to do so, the organization behind it (KIND) gives back in BIG ways to people and communities who really need it.

It is now Portland’s turn, but keep a look out for this project coming to a city near you!

What is your idea for an act of environmental kindness? Let me know in the comments, as well as if you will be participating!

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Do the KIND Thing, Portland! — 4 Comments

    • That is so wonderful that you were so involved with Friends of Trees. I remember when they cam e to my old neighborhood and it was such a fun experience, plus the benefits to those who lived there were great. Thanks so much for sharing!

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