Herbal Medicine With Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Herbal First Aid Kit {Giveaway}

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When I learned about Earth Mama Angel Baby’s new Herb Gallery and accompanying Herbal First Aid Kit I was thrilled. So many people in this day and age (including me) have lost the knowledge of herbal medicine that can provide natural relief when injured or ill. There are so many safe, natural ways to alleviate symptoms if you just know what to use. That knowledge is key however, because even natural ingredients and plants can cause harm.

When I first opened my kit my first thought was, “I’m not pregnant! Or nursing!” Shows just how much knowledge I have about herbs and plant medicine! Then the light clicked on as I read more… And then this past week I was able to put my Herbal First Aid Kit into practice. I was preparing to go on my rock climbing trip with my eldest, but had a headache, nausea, and was just generally feeling terrible.

I wasn’t certain if I was going to be able to follow through on this experience and even if I could I wasn’t sure I would have any fun. Through some intensive acupuncture appointments and a couple of perfectly timed ingredients from my Herbal First Aid Kit, I felt better in time to go and have a great time!

Love the idea of herbal first aid, but don’t have a green thumb? You can use Mama’s! Mama’s Herbal First Aid Bundle includes every little herbal thing you need to care for life’s little mishaps, safely, naturally and effectively. So many Earth Mama products do double duty, and this bundle is great to have on hand for herbal help on the go or at home.


Mama's Herbal First Aid Bundle

Mama’s Herbal First Aid Bundle


Mama’s Herbal First Aid Bundle comes all packed up in a handy Organic Cotton Tote and includes:

If you prefer to DIY, make sure to read Earth Mama’s Herbal First Aid Kit article, with suggestions for herbal essentials to make your own: http://blog.earthmamaangelbaby.com/mama-u/earth-mamas-herbal-first-aid-kit

Earth Mama Angel Baby® is generously giving away one Mama’s Herbal First Aid Bundle ($50) to one lucky Almost All The Truth readers. Sweet!


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