Go Green Get Fit: Accomplishment Through Stubborn Defiance

Almost All The Truth - Smith Rock State Park

“On Belay?”

“Belay On.”


“Climb on!”

Almost All The Truth - Climbing Smith Rock

Looking up, eyes judging the approach my hands and feet will take us up the rock. I watch my kid scampering up the face. Seventy five feet looks daunting, but I also want to get there something fierce. Hands gripping the welded tuff (volcanic rock) of the Dihedrals, ready to make my first move. Awkwardly I will admit.

I spent the weekend with my eldest on an epic adventure to camp, swim, hike, and most importantly to scale a few of the 1800 climbing routes at the venerable Smith Rock State Park. It was his birthday experience. This is truly an awesome place. Between the climbing, hiking, 1000-year-old Golden Eagle nests as large as a car, and an incredible landscape of rock and river.

Almost All The Truth - Climbing at Smith Rock State Park

As I work my way toward my fitness goals for the Go Green Get Fit Challenge, this all day rock climbing adventure is one of the milestones I set for myself. I thought if I could at least keep up with my kid, that would be an accomplishment in and of itself. I am stubborn and this is when it serves me.

Learning that you can trust your body when it has failed you so many times is really about letting go. Let go of the expectations of failure. We are not fixed in space or time, but constantly changing, evolving, moving forward (moving backward). I move with mindfulness. Just continue to push for just one more step, one more move, one more bolt, because each time you make it is an act of defiance.

Almost All The Truth - Kid Climbing Basalt at Northern Point Almost All The Truth - Climbing to the Top

We left the rock late in the day, bruised, scraped, bleeding in places, neurochemicals flooding the brain from a push of adrenaline, fear, the overcoming of fear, accomplishment. We are proud of what we did and rightly so. I will never climb the Eiger, but I conquered what was insurmountable only a few months ago. That is enough.

When was the last time you had to push yourself to accomplish your goal? Do you have any Go Green Get Fit goals that you are working toward?

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Go Green Get Fit: Accomplishment Through Stubborn Defiance — 8 Comments

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  2. Wow! Brenna, I cannot tell you how impressed I am. Being a complete wimp who sees little need to challenge myself, it’s fun to live vicariously and cheer on those who choose to reach beyond their comfort zones. Congratulations!

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