Go Green Get Fit: Mindfulness, Choices, Feeling Good

We are one week in to the 2012 Go Green Get Fit Challenge presented by PlanetShoes.com. In this week I found myself taking note of the big and small accomplishments along the way. Small steps toward permanent change.

The story of a woman running away from tigers.

Today I…

practiced mindfulness. I may still have work to do, but practice makes for as perfect as one woman can get.

chose to make herbal tea than the piece of chocolate.

chose a green smoothie instead of sneaking a bite of the kids’ “mac n’ cheese.”

thought about the impact my food choices have on my personal health and our environmental health.

picked fresh strawberries in my garden, savoring their smell, color, and flavor.

bought organic cherries at the local farmer’s market as an afternoon snack we could all enjoy (with raw almonds on the side).

pushed myself to keep going a little further than I thought I could go. Working up a sweat, increasing those endorphins.

showed my kids how fun it can be to exercise.

walked to the library even though it was going to close soon and was starting to sprinkle.

parked in one of the furthest spots away from the store.

practiced my long form T’ai Chi.

did yoga with my 3-year-old daughter. She was better. I can get there.

feel good.

How was your first week of the Go Green Get Fit Challenge?

I do hope you are all participating along with me! Each week there will be sponsored giveaways over in the Go Green Get Fit Challenge 2012 group on EcoMom Alliance, so head on over there and join in the fun if you haven’t already! 

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Go Green Get Fit: Mindfulness, Choices, Feeling Good — 10 Comments

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  2. Being mindful is so important. I have to remind myself of this when I start to get stressed out. And I try very hard to stop trying to multi task (aka Super Mom) and just do what I’m doing while I’m doing it. I need to get better about the physical exercise part of my life. I’ll get there…. I’ll get there… even if it means doing yoga with an 18 month old who’s better than me :-) (they LOVE downward dog)

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