The Good, the Bad, and the Environment

The Good, the Bad, and the Environment 

The Good

  • Oregon weather has been the best we could ask for, particularly for starting gardens and ending of baseball seasons. Love getting outside!
  • My husband and I were able to spend my birthday seeing an amazing band in a lovely city at a fabulous green hotel (which you will get to hear about later).
  • Baseball season is over with a great season under our belts.

The Bad

  • My eldest son just suffered a concussion, which was not only scary then, but the largely unknown  long-term effects are as well.
  • My health has suffered some setbacks and some uncertainty. Generally, my head is killing me and not responding to the typical relief measures.
  • It is the end of the school year and I am not ready for these kids to be home all day.

The Environment

  • Ever wished you had an extra $500? This was a great piece on how you really can while also helping out the environment at Healthful Mama.
  • The hilarious and inspirational Anna at Green Talk interviews the wise Alicia of Earth Mama Angel Baby (you know I love them!) about choose safer, nontoxic personal care products.
  • Oregon’s junior senator is one politician leading the charge to Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act.
  • It has been proposed, and I believe quite well supported, that gray wolves be delisted from the Endangered Species Act and its protections. 


Do you have any good, bad, or environmental news or stories to share?

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