HTA Blog Week: Spielwerk Toys Showcase

Almost All The Truth is participating this week in the Handmade Toy Alliance Blog Week to help put the spotlight on the many, many wonderful businesses that are negatively impacted by the CPSIA. We all want and demand safe products for our children, but the CPSIA has so many flaws that it is hurting small, local businesses and helping the giant companies that were the source of most of the problems to begin with.

Today I am featuring another fabulous local business, Spielwerk Toys. Spielwerk specializes in hard-to-find classic and modern traditional toys with a goal to get children playing again. Play is the “werk” of childhood and they believe toys are the tools of this werk.

Spielwerk Toys has beautiful, high quality, and safe products that foster healthy minds, growth, and development. They also have amazing werkshops for the whole family.

This is one shop that you are going to have to see for yourself. They do have a few online offerings,  but the real magic is in their two storefronts: one on N. Williams and the other in Sellwood. This is a place that you can just feel childhood seeping through and where you can spend a good part of the day exploring everything they have to offer. So go check them out!

Spielwerk Toys is also a member of the Handmade Toy Alliance. The HTA is a non-profit organization made up of toy stores, toy makers and children’s product manufacturers from across the country who want to preserve unique handmade and small batch toys, clothes, and all manner of children’s goods in the USA.

In 2008, Congress passed the CPSIA to regulate the children’s product industry, but the over reaching law has unintended consequence requiring all children’s products to be tested at a third party testing lab. This is cost prohibitive to most small businesses and causing many to close their doors. The HTA is urging Congress to amend the CPSIA in a way that keeps safe products in the market place and maintains safety standards that protect our children.  Do your part by going to and contacting your member congress.

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HTA Blog Week: Spielwerk Toys Showcase — 2 Comments

  1. Spent the morning with friends in Sellwood yesterday. Favorite stop was Spielwerk Toys. They had never been before….now they are fans.

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