Lessons from BlogHer ’12: Question Your Path, Find Your Dreams

Almost All The Truth in New York

I recently attended the BlogHer conference in New York City. There were highs, there were lows, but most of all (for me) there was inspiration to be found. Besides connecting with truly amazing people and the conversations that ensued, the piece that had the most impact was taking the extra time to come together with like-minded bloggers and seek where my path lies. I began BlogHer with my conference highlight: Pathfinder Day.

Let’s play a little game of “what if.” What if you woke up tomorrow and one or more of the following were true?

  • You knew it was your last day on earth.
  • You had no responsibilities or obligations to anyone or anything.
  • There were no other people on earth (but in a happy way).

What would your day look like? What would you still do, what would you let go? What are your aspirations?

I think this is an important exercise for anyone, particularly for those invested in social change. It can be all too easy to get burned out and lose the reasons why you began your journey to begin with. When the path becomes more about others, we lose a lot of ourselves.

So, if those others are taken out of the equation what is left?

I expect many of us would say the same things. The truth of the matter is the problems we seek to change aren’t going to go away any time soon, but the point is that we can’t sacrifice all who we are to make progress. It won’t be effective and won’t lead to the long-term work needed to create real change in climate change, human rights, maternal health, and other environmental and social justice issues.

I don’t have answers, I only have more questions. Perhaps ironically, this blogging conference taught me that blogging is not everything. Doing something with passion means more. Spending time wisely means more. Taking time to realize what you want out of life for yourself, your family, your planet means more every time.

 What is your path? Are the meanderings of any journey worth more than staying the straight and narrow?

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Lessons from BlogHer ’12: Question Your Path, Find Your Dreams — 16 Comments

  1. My one day left bucket list:
    Drive a formula one car through the streets of Denver
    Take a plane up to 15000 feet and skydive into Mile Hi Stadium
    Use a military satellite’s lazer to etch a message on the Sea of Tranquility

  2. Brenna, I should have joined you on Thurs. since I think I would have enjoyed that more. Recently, I attended a green fair where I got to talk to people one on one. It was so much more enlightening when I heard what they had to say vs hiding behind a blog.

    It was great rooming with you.

    • Anna, I would highly recommend Pathfinder Day for anyone who goes to BlogHer again. I love the face-to-face with people holding similar values. It was worth the whole conference (besides getting to room with you and meet all the other fab green bloggers!).

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  4. That is a tough question…and although I don’t think it would be possible to do in a day I would travel. I have this great fear that I am not going to be able to see all that I want to see in the world during my lifetime. So I would want to pack as much and as many places in as possible.

    From the comments above and the post below this one you have mentioned stepping away from blogging to experience more out of life. The funny thing is I feel like I am living more since I started blogging a year ago. I am inspired to get out there more, do more, see more…all so that I can share with my readers.

    Happy SITS day to you!!
    Kim recently posted..Marshmallow Printing

    • Thanks for sharing your perspective. It is funny, because every time I think about taking a step back from blogging I realize how much it has brought into my life. Finding a balance between real world and online action is going to be the key for me. There is no way I could fit everything I would want out of life in one day, but I hope I also don’t spend too much time hoping to do, see, travel, instead of actually doing those things!

  5. Thank you for sharing these questions. I’m going through a transition professionally right now and really need to think about these things. I would love to attend a Blog conference at some point. It sounds very informative and super motivating. Thanks for sharing and Happy SITS Day!
    Nicole recently posted..Gratitude Journal

    • I think conferences are great when you are going through a transition. Perhaps not BlogHer, especially if it continues to grow, but a smaller setting when you can get into the nitty gritty of some tough decisions may be the perfect way to flesh out your new path.

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