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There is a lot of hate, darkness, negativity in our world. It can feel as though there is a constant looming threat of environmental havoc, societal doom, or personal pain around every corner, in every headline. Sometimes we get the sense that there is too much, maybe even more than at other times in history. We are inundated with the tragic, the sensational…

I kind of bummed myself out right there.

We should always have some positivity and optimism, even in an election year. While there is no easy solution to life’s problems, there are still plenty of solutions. We just might need a little less conversation, a little more action please. A little compromise, a little sacrifice, a little social conscience.

One place we can start is the physical and psychological disconnect between ourselves and nature. There is very real evidence that shows all sorts of benefits (as well as the inverse) our connection to nature has, as long as that connection is used. And time and time again, those who feel more connected to our natural world and everything in it, the more likely they are to protect it.

Nature is our nourishment, our everything. When we think it must be tamed, subdued, controlled, we set ourselves apart. Humans are part of the natural world! We are not separate, not other. Sometimes we need a little reminder of our place and for that we need wild places, wilderness, where nature astounds on a continual basis.

So I challenge you this week to go immerse yourself in some nature, whether that is a walk in the park, a beginning of a garden or standing barefoot in sand with the roar of the ocean in front of you. Perhaps even think of something further afield for the future

Almost All The Truth - Wilderness Calls

Where will you go to connect with nature?



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Nature Astounds, Go Immerse Yourself In It — 3 Comments

  1. How true your words are. During the winter months I normally suffer with feelings of depression,SAD. Yet this winter has been different. There has been more sunny days than we normally have here and winter has been mild allowing me to spend more time outdoors and in the yard planning the spring gardens. I find I feel much better and haven’t had any of the depression issues.

  2. This is so true! I’m more of an indoor, curl-up-with-book type of gal, but we recently got a dog. I started taking for her short walks after the kids left for school and was surprised at how good a walk did me even in bitter weather! I would take her and train her to walk by my side rather than pulling, and after a while, I found myself lost in meditative prayer -something I struggle with! While I’m sad now because our park lies under a few feet of snow (and walking by homes is not the same), I can’t wait for it to melt and see spring arrive!

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