Once Upon A Time: A Girl And Environmentalism

Yep, that's me...

Once upon a time, not that long ago, lived a little girl who dreamed of one day saving the whales and protecting the dolphins from pollution and profiteering. She wrote letters, with paper and stamps and everything, to The White House, Congress, corporate executives, and non-profit organizations to pursue a better world.

She believed that Shell was the only bad guy in the oil industry.

She thought that Nestlé would mend their ways or we would put them of business.

This girl grew a little older, became a vegetarian, and believed what Mahatma Gandhi said about the world to be true. She felt that she would be the change she wanted to see in this world.

She managed, through early adulthood, to keep this mission in mind. She believed that changing the world would be easy, it just took a little work and a lot of persuasion, education, and a little protestation.

Then she grew up. She learned about nuclear power, fracking, Big OIl, BIg Ag, unsavory business practices, environmental infighting, name-calling, greenwashing, bottled water, carcinogenic baby products, and the effects of everything we are doing to ourselves. It was a lot to take in, the task was daunting, but she kept pushing.

She had children which reinforced her zeal to protect them and their world. She fears for the work they will have to do because of past generations’ apathy.

She learned that Jack Kerouac was not a hero, nor was Salinger. She learned that people’s actions are often far more powerful than their words, but good words, lovely words, make our world a better place. She wants to use both, walk the walk while sharing encouragement through language.

Today she is feeling a bit beaten down. She is a Gemini through and through.

Do you have anything to share that is happy, positive, or just plain nice to cheer this girl up?

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Once Upon A Time: A Girl And Environmentalism — 14 Comments

  1. This is so beautifully written, Brenna! I think you should put an edited version of this post in your About Me section.

    I know it’s hard to remain optimistic when there seems like so much against us, but every little step counts. You do amazing work, and just think how much that is impacting your children, and then how much they will impact others one day. I always tell myself that our children are out truest legacy, so I know your impact on the world will be a powerful one!
    Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama recently posted..What is the Slow Movement? (Green & Natural Mamas Bloghop)

    • Thank you, Charise. I do pretty well staying optimistic, but there are some times I have to wonder just what is going on with everyone else. ;)

      I have always wanted to have children, even in light of overpopulation concerns, etc, because I always wanted to teach them about beauty, nature, conservation, and let them have a positive impact on the world. I just don’t want them to have the burden of our (general our) apathy.

  2. Oh Brenna, you are fighting the good fight. Your post made me think of the Monarch butterfly and the amazing Methuselah Generation that comes along as the coldest part of the year approaches. Just when things look their dreariest this beautiful, magnificent creature begins its arduous task of returning to the beautiful forests that its ancestors came from. All of the knowledge of past generations lives on in its DNA and it flies back to where it has never been so that a new generation of butterflies can live. You are taking that long flight, during an age when it seems bleak, cold-hearted, and hopeless. But you have such a clear and beautiful vision of where we need to be to start anew. You’ll make it. And when you reach your destination your children will have the knowledge of your journey in their hearts and be that much closer to a peaceful, prosperous world because of your efforts. Keep flying, you’re not alone.
    Vernie recently posted..Farm Events and the Full-Diet Plan

  3. Hmmm, that thing about words and actions you mention is so right. I go through disillusionment very emotionally but have learned to like it with time. I now consider myself my own myth buster and have turned my bitterness into creative and positive vibe. Most of my childhood ideals are busted but I am thankful because better now than later, right? They have made way for a more conscious and deliberate enjoyment of the tiny beautiful specks of everyday perfection that only last for fractions of minutes. But I’d rather live with that evanescent perfection than go after sand castles in the air.

    Just go ahead, with your eyes on your goal and don’t forget your purpose.
    Kanelstrand recently posted..Weekend DIY: Easter Cowl

    • That was beautiful. Childhood innocence is just that, I just wish the reality wasn’t quite so harsh. I do think we need to turn our disillusionment around and use it for something wonderful, something positive, maybe even earth-shattering? I would much rather find everyday joy than focus on all that has yet to be done.

  4. Ah, the dreams of childhood. So much to accomplish; so much opposition — from the money. It’s always a ‘follow the money’ situation and that can only be changed through people like you who try hard to make a difference. Ultimately, laws are passed that garbage can’t be thrown in rivers, poisons can’t be buried in our soils — and, it all starts with folks like you. So, stop beating yourself up and enjoy what you’re accomplishing. It is spreading and our children will continue the fight. Have a Happy Easter!
    SharleneT recently posted..A Matter of Opinion – The 5 W’s Redeux

  5. My attitude is if you change one life, you have done your job. Everything else is gravy. Lead by example is how people learn and you do that beautifully. People just may not catch on as quickly as we would like.

    But if people like you don’t fight, who will? So stay in the fight and you have us green warriors that have your back.

    Thanks for linking to my vegetarian post by the way.
    Anna@GreenTalk recently posted..Honest Tea CEO Compromises Less, Increases Sustainable Efforts

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