Take Action to Keep Nestlé Out of Cascade Locks

I recently heard from a reader that she wanted to know more about how to take action to keep Nestlé out of Cascade Locks, out of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. To say that I was thrilled to know more and more people are passionate about this issue and willing to donate time, money, and effort, would be an understatement.

Columbia River Gorge from Crown Point

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

It is no secret that I believe Nestlé to be one of the worst corporations in the world.

Bottled Water

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Nestlé seeks spring water sources for its bottled water. It does so with the promise of jobs, which in this economy sounds pretty good to an area that has been hit incredibly hard. Unfortunately, Nestlé also has shown to:

  • create jobs that either do not pay a living wage or go to people from outside the community.
  • add hundreds of truckloads to the local roads.
  • reduce flows to already taxed rivers, streams, and creeks harming the watershed. This puts fisheries, recreation, and municipal water supply at risk. According to the Mt. Hood National Forest’s 2009 Annual Monitoring Report, “Ninety-eight percent of the Forest is somebody’s municipal water supply.”
  • pay $.00225 per gallon on average only to then sell it for $5.30 in single-serve gallon containers.

This has been proven in the communities of McCloud, CA; Fryeburg, ME; Chaffee County, CO; and Mecosta County, MI. And that is exactly what we need to prevent in Oregon. The Columbia River Gorge, its fish, its wildlife, its people need our help now.

The Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) is considering a water transfer application (#11108) and a water exchange application (#11109) both of which have to be processed before Nestle can move forward with its plans to bottle Oregon’s water. And we can stop this from being approved. It has been done before.

We can’t go from this…

Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

to this…

Nestle Bottling Plant

To take action:

What action are you going to take?

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Take Action to Keep Nestlé Out of Cascade Locks — 16 Comments

  1. WOW! Your articles are always so informative. I learn something new every time I come here! I love how you present the problem and then share ways that we can get involved. I am going to sign the petition and join the facebook group.

  2. Brenna,
    Knowledge is power! I love it! Keep spreading the good word. Have you watched the movie “Tapped” yet? Or “Blue Gold:World Water Wars” those were the two that woke me up to all of these atrocities.

    I am going to sign the petition. I love the Food & Water Watch peeps!!

    Best, Nicole :)

  3. Brenna, are you sitting down? I am freakin’ besides myself right now. Check out this article:


    Nestle has actually been doing ridiculously well this last quarter! Here’s the quote that gets me the most:

    “Nestle increased prices on bottled water in emerging markets such as Latin America and Asia in the first quarter, and probably will increase pricing for the entire unit in the full year, Child-Villiers said. The Swiss company owns the world’s largest bottled-water brand in Pure Life. ”

    What the heck are they charging for this bottled water?? Are they sucking those countries dry of their own fresh water sources as well and then selling it back to them?! ARG!

    Complete and utter NONSENSE.

    This is heartbreaking news.

    Here’s a new action everyone can think about taking: STOP BUYING NESTLE.

    …if you can’t imagine your life void of all of their products, then pick one and take it off your shopping list and then let them know http://www.nestleusa.com/Public/ContactUs.aspx

    I’m already off the water, I just have to see what else of theirs I have been buying!!

    • “What the heck are they charging for this bottled water?? Are they sucking those countries dry of their own fresh water sources as well and then selling it back to them?! ARG!”


      Typically Nestlé buys the water, the public’s water, for approximately $.00225 per gallon. They were selling that same water for $5.30 a gallon. Looks like that number may have gone up though, and I am not sure about the international markets.

      Frustrating, but consumers can make a difference. Yes, STOP BUYING NESTLE!

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  5. I have just seen the Netflix film about Nestle’s World Take Over, and I think the first thing to do to stop them is to pass FEDERAL LEGISLATION to stop them taking advantage of local laws that were intended to protect the members of the various communities. They should be treated like an “invading” MONOPOLY CORPORATE TAKEOVER, and it appears that this is not only in certain towns of Maine, but throughout the United States and the World. Should the United States Congress pass FEDERAL LEGISLATION, then that should be applicable to all United States and could be the foundation of stopping their World-wide Take Over/Take Advantage FOR PROFIT programs.

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