Tuesday Top Ten: 10 Ways To Green Your Pregnancy

  1. Borrow maternity clothing, or buy used. We wear maternity clothes for such a short amount of time that it almost seems silly to buy brand new. Plus it will save you money!
  2. Eat organic. The foods that you eat during pregnancy are also sustaining your growing baby. Seek out lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you haven’t chosen organic foods yet for yourself, start now for your baby. You will greatly reduce the amount of harmful chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, and growth hormones all of which have been shown to cross the placenta) and increase the nutritive value and health of the foods you eat by choosing organic.
  3. Green your clean. There are companies that make more eco-friendly cleaning products that actually do work! I like Biokleen and Seventh Generation. You can also try homemade cleaners with baking soda and vinegar as the base ingredients. No toxic chemicals!
  4. Use safer personal care products. Start reading labels on your cleansers, lotions, shampoos, and deodorants. Harmful ingredients are as important for you as for baby, especially since the harmful chemicals and fragrances can and do penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. I love Earth Mama Angel Baby and many of their products can be used for other things. The Angel Baby Shampoo & Baby Wash makes a great facial cleanser!
  5. Start drinking filtered tap water. Pregnant women need lots of water, but skip the bottles! Buy a stainless steel water bottle for on the go and fill up the glasses while at home. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  6. Use your library. If you are a research and book lover like me, you want to check out the numerous baby books out there, from baby names to childbirth to how to make baby food, the library has it all! Skip the “What To Expect..” books and scope out some that will help support your green lifestyle.
  7. Walk more, drive less. Not only is driving less good for the planet, but it’s wonderful for you and your baby’s health too. Getting or staying fit during pregnancy can make for shorter and easier labors, plus makes it that much easier to shed the baby weight later.
  8. Start choosing reusable whenever possible. This is great on your wallet once you’ve made the initial investment. Cleaning cloths instead of paper towels, cloth napkins instead of paper, and reusable water bottles and coffee mugs instead of plastic and paper is a great start!
  9. Change the shower curtain. Many shower curtains are made with PVC, which contain hormone disrupting chemicals. Choose a natural fiber or EVA shower curtain for a safer option.
  10. Choose safe decorating and remodeling options. If you are getting the nursery ready or feel the need to change the whole house, there are many eco-friendly options that will greatly benefit you and your baby’s health. Make sure you are aware if there is any lead paint or asbestos you need to worry about before starting in on any projects! Choose no-voc paint, eco-friendly flooring, and organic fabrics whenever possible.


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