Valentine’s Day from Barley & Birch and Little Alouette

barley&birch Valentine Set

Barley & Birch and Little Alouette (two of my most favorite eco-friendly companies for babies) have joined forces to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea for the sweet little one in your life just how much you heart them.

LOVED TeeLittle Alouette Heart Teether

Special edition organic “Loved” tees and onesies ($30 separately) paired with a wooden heart teether ($15 separately) is sure to make your wee one’s heart go pitter patter.

Want to support a company that wants to change the world? Barley & Birch is on a mission to create fantastic clothing for babies and children while also finding time to provide incredible support to both Haitian and American non-profits working to better the lives of people who need it most, improve our environment, and give back in meaningful ways to all the people they touch.

The amazing young founder, Kyle, sums it up by saying this, “I started barley & birch to make a difference. I wanted to give parents and children the safest and most environmentally friendly clothing possible. I also wanted to use any profits that that business created to help improve the global community.”

littlealouette moustachelittlealouette

Little Alouette is a wee love story about a family and a backyard cottage industry… a story that adds just a wee bit of romance to the already lovely handmade wooden toys

Amy, the fiery and poetic creative force behind Little Alouette, describes the production of wooden toys in, “Each product is made by hand and usually all the wood is surrounded by cups of tea, laughing children, and disco music, so each product will come to you infused with love and bliss!”

Love and bliss. Perfection for Valentine’s Day.

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