Why Is Advocacy Important?

Why I Fight For Childrens Health and the Health of Their World

My good friend, Erin from both Lullaby Organics and Green Kids Guide, recently shared that she is testifying today before the Washington State House Environment Committee regarding pending legislation to reduce children’s exposure to unnecessary toxic chemicals.

If you live in Washington State, learn more and take action letting your legislators know how you feel about the Toxic-Free Kids Act!

You can learn more about her previous experience testifying on her blog for Lullaby Organics. Those of us that blog for the purpose of bringing research, resources, and awareness to readers and ourselves, to inspire us all to take action, and even to , the biggest question we often find ourselves asking is, How can we get more parents involved in advocacy for children’s health and the health of their world?

But today Erin also asks the question for us all,”Why is advocacy important to you?”

My answer: Because if I don’t, then how can I expect others to advocate for the difficult issues that are important to me? What is most important to me is the health of our children and their world. I speak of it often and this is the where most of Almost All The Truth is directed toward.

What would your answer be? Why is advocacy important to you, and if you wish, how to do you advocate for the issues most important to you?

If you believe in advocacy: tweet, Facebook, or pin your support!

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Why Is Advocacy Important? — 13 Comments

  1. I think how we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves is an important part of defining who we are.

    If we stop advocacy for children (or animals or the sick), then I think we’re just reducing ourselves to a society that only pays attention to the people who yell loudest.

    Good post. Definitely something to get the old noggin moving.


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  2. I think that we (the society) have stood on the sidelines for way too long. Many people assume that there just isn’t anything we can do. But there is and it’s time that we spoke up. Not only for those who can’t speak for themselves … but for the earth … for what’s right … for ourselves. Recently I’ve seen several articles which talk about people being jailed for voicing their opinion … other articles talk about being put on a government list for taking a stand. In my opinion, these scare tactics just show me that we’re effective when we speak up. To me, advocacy is important because it speaks to our rights as human beings … and if we won’t stand up for them, who will!
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  4. Excellent post. Thanks for getting me thinking. I definitely think it’s important to speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves. Reducing kids exposure to toxic chemicals is an important issue. With something like this, you might not see the end results for several years to come. It’s easy to let things be out of sight out of mind. I’m glad we have folks like Erin who are taking a stand. -SASS
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