Believe In Yourself: Go Green Get Fit

I feel like an athlete.

Go Green Get Fit Challenge

Sadly, I have let the physical aspect of athletics behind me, but in my mind I am still that kickboxer, lacrosse center, pole vaulter, gymnast, even coach. I have not been any of those things in years. Physical activity is very important to me, but with each child I found myself doing less and less and with less time and motivation to continue. When I had my recent health crisis it pushed me even further away from any kind of exercise. When it is difficult to even stand or walk, the thought of running, jumping, or climbing is almost nonexistent.

But… I have reached my goal of near normalcy by summer. I am walking unassisted. I am spending time outdoors and even put in a garden. I am ready to bring back my athlete and be a role model of good health for my children.

I believe I am strong.

I believe I can be healthy.

I believe I must take one step at a time on my journey back to true health.

I believe I can get there.

Go Green Get Fit Challenge

Because there is No Difference between Personal Health and Environmental Health”

Health is a relative term. Personal health and environmental health are certainly linked and you are not likely to have one without the other. This challenge is going to allow me to get my personal health back on track to allow me to do more for our environmental health.

Starting June 18, I am joining 25+ fabulous green bloggers in the summer 2012 Go Green Get Fit Challenge as part of the EcoMom Alliance Sustain YourSelf™ Program presented by This 12 week health and wellness series is where we will share inspiration, motivation, ups, downs, and a whole lot of support for whatever fitness goal we have as eco-conscious individuals. Guess what else? We encourage all of you to participate along with us.

My 5 Personal Fitness Goals

  1. Intentional exercise every day.
  2. Build strength, particularly on my now weak right side.
  3. Increase my walking distance with a first goal of one mile.
  4. Manage to keep up on an all-day climb with my 8 year old rockhound.
  5. Lose and then maintain a healthy weight.

Will you join us?

What are your fitness goals this summer?

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