My head is filled with things to say

But, my fingers are filled with doubt.

Have you ever had an experience that was so removed from your every day that you are having a hard time even processing it once you get back to it? That is where I am today and have been for a couple of days…

I feel compelled to share something, but can’t seem to make up my mind about what that should be. Hence the no posting for nearly a week.

I thought about talking about the 25th anniversary of the the space shuttle Challenger exploding 73 seconds after launch, the loss of the astronauts and teacher, and how that was the day I decided that I never, ever wanted to go into space as I sat in my elementary school classroom watching a tragedy that rocked the nation. There have been other space tragedies, but none like Challenger in it’s effect on future space exploration.

Space Shuttle Challenger Launch 1986

I think we have only just begun to recognize and accept the danger of the next stage of space technology and discovery. Having a son decide this week to do his first grade science fair project on space shuttles, this does not escape me.

But I didn’t.

I thought about sharing the EWG report on what is really in that expensive (financially and environmentally) bottled water and why filtered tap water is the best choice.

Water(photo credit: flickr)

Thought maybe I could tie it in with the problems I have with NestlĂ© in particular, especially with the corporations desire to move into a National Scenic Area in my backyard. I still urge all Oregonians to contact Gov. Kitzhaber not to approve NestlĂ©’s plan.

But I didn’t.

I thought about doing some work on my reading labels, understanding ingredients… page, particularly in light of the EPA’s public comment period addressing the petition to ban the controversial antimicrobial pesticide triclosan for non-medical use is coming to a close on Feb. 7th.

But I didn’t.

I really wanted to tell you all about the revelations and peace that I found in a weekend retreat away from the babies and husband.I haven’t quite sorted through it all yet though.

Rockaway Beach(photo credit: flickr)

Instead I really wanted to urge you all to enjoy a little time practicing some self-care and was going to share some homemade foot bath recipes because it was something small and simple we did that turned out to be full of meaning.

But I didn’t.

Today is my husband’s birthday (old man) and I had lots of thoughts of what I could do here to show him creatively how much he is adored and loved.

But I didn’t.

I couldn’t come up with anything good enough. Instead I am going to put up this video because it reminds me of him… hope you enjoy:

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