Women, Writing, and Wine

This is a little departure from what I typically talk about, but after yesterday’s piece, I am a little worn out from fighting. Last year I was able to go to my very first (and only) blogging conference, Bloggy Boot Camp from the always fabulous SITS Girls. These ladies really know how to give support to the blogging community, even though I may (often needlessly) feel a bit out-of-place with many of the lifestyle and parent bloggers.

BBC SeattleI was able to go with an amazing entrepreneur and friend who showed me the ropes as a first-time conference goer, although I likely had nothing to fear with one of the most friendly conferences I can imagine.

Things like keeping it small and assigned tables are sure to put even the shyest mind at ease. Note to self though, do not forget the business cards next time if you want anyone to remember you later!

Oh, and the wine… Maybe there will even be an organic wine this year!

The whole point of this rambling about how great it was is that I want to go again (and am really hoping to win a trip there). I want to go with a little more confidence and a lot to learn, and then be able to bring all that here so that I can share issues and ideas in a graceful, effective manner. I want to learn to harness the power of social media to inspire those that want to learn about social justice or environmental health. I want to be the change I want to see in my world and I want to share that with everyone that might be willing to listen.

And really? You can’t beat the price for such a worthwhile experience. Now who is ready for a green blogger contingent in Dallas?

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