Listen: Word for the New Year

 Almost All The Truth - Happy New Year

New Year, New Start

I like the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings. I like the idea that I can wake up every day and make different choices, be more present, be more conscientious, be better. It is important to me to have ideals and to strive for them, even if I fail and fail again. The point is in the process, not in the product. I don’t beat myself up for shortcomings, real or perceived, but that doesn’t mean I give in to them either.

I like the reflections at the end of one year and the openness to which we greet the new year. How you frame the new year’s start is up to you. I like to consider a theme, a word, and work toward being a better me under this theme, instead of straight resolutions. This year I chose listen.

Word of the Year: Listen 

do you know how to listen? can you listen well?

do you know how to listen without preparing your reply?

listen to your gut

listen to your heart

listen to yourself

listen to me

listen for just a minute

listen for hours

listen to music

don’t listen to what everyone else says

only listen to those who encourage you

listen to your parents, your teachers, your elders, your boss

listen to advice from those who’ve walked this path before 

listen with an open mind

listen with an open heart


listen, i have something to say

Many thoughts race through my mind when I think of the word listen. For now my intentions are to work on listening without preparing my reply. To listen deeply to my family and hear what they say with their words and what those words left unsaid. To listen to all sides without rushing to argument about what I think I know already, to be open to new information. To listen to myself about what is true, what brings me peace. I think if I begin here, I will be in a better place come the end of year reflections.

What do you hope for the new year?


Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

Almost All The Truth - Holiday Giving 2014

‘Tis the season of giving. The holidays are just around the corner and it can be hard to find the right gift while staying true to your eco-friendly values. Luckily I have a lot of great green friends who have created holiday gift guides for everyone on your list this year!

Living Consciously Holiday Gift Guide 2014 – A great list of non-toxic, healthy gifts that anyone would love to get! Features gift ideas for kids, anyone, and stocking stuffers.

Green Child Magazine’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide – Featuring gift ideas for the whole family from tiny babes all the way up to mom and dad, plus it even includes our furry friends!

Unique Gift Ideas and Eco-Inspiration this Holiday Season – A seriously comprehensive guide, plus links to other gift guides and inspiring gift ideas too!

2014 Non-Toxic Holiday Shopping Guide from Women’s Voices for the Earth – From one of my current favorite non-profits, this guide includes tips and resources for finding safer products, and top non-toxic gift picks.

Green(er) Gifts for the Gardeners on Your List – This guide has some very thoughtful ideas for those new to gardening and those who have expert green thumbs already!

10 Inexpensive Kitchen Gadgets to Give Your Favorite Cook – For anyone hoping to make their kitchens a little greener without breaking the bank!

Greener, Safer, Better Gifts for Home & Hostess – This is the list for gifts to have on hand for truly anyone. 

Retro Housewife Goes Green has three great green gift guides: For HerFor Him, and For Kids.

Groovy Green Livin also has a couple of great holiday gift guides up: Top 10 Favorite Family Board Games and 15 Tech-Free Gifts For Tween Boys.

Not finding anything yet? Consider shopping with one of the businesses on my Eco-Friendly Products page. 

What is on your list this year (whether you plan to give or hope to receive)?



There may be some affiliate links in this post and the pennies I may earn help to support the maintenance and research for this blog. My opinions are my own as they can never be bought.

Social Justice in the Wake of Ferguson

Social Justice in Wake of Ferguson

It has been long enough now that everyone likely has an opinion on what they believe is the true story of what happened in Ferguson, MO the day Michael Brown was shot dead by Darren Wilson. Everyone likely has an opinion about the community’s first outrage and the continued protests there and around the world.

The shocking difference in opinions seems to come down to a few points: (1) First understanding why a marginalized segment of our population has found this narrative so compelling and/or the straw that broke the camel’s back, (2) Confirmation bias or The Backfire Effect, and (3) Knowing the difference between facts, opinion, and interpretation.

Addressing each takes time, and most people are unwilling to take it. 

The public may never know the true “facts” of this particular case. The problem is the lie that we need to have a good kid as a victim versus a thug who deserved what he got. This is a false dichotomy and smacks of vigilante justice let alone the overt racism in using a term like “thug” evokes anyway.

The problem is that social justice can never be achieved until the spotlight is lifted from one specific person’s life (mistakes and successes both) and shone directly on the systemic racism, classism, sexism in society. Social justice will never see the light of day until the cycle of power, privilege, and oppression is stopped in its tracks. And until social justice sees movement, we will never see true environmental justice.

I call upon you to examine your place in that cycle and determine what you can do to end it. Be a force for good in your community. Think critically, not defensively.


Repetitive Motion Disorder: Black Reality and White Denial in America

12 Ways to Be a White Ally to Black People: Because Ferguson is happening right now, but systemic racism happens every day.

After Ferguson, When Will We Listen?

The terrifying racial stereotypes laced through Darren Wilson’s testimony

What Happened in Ferguson?

The Meaning of the Ferguson Riots

The Ferguson Lie


White people rioting over stupid shit: Let’s put those Ferguson pictures in perspective, shall we?


Join the Conversation!

  • What, if anything, have you learned since Ferguson became a hot topic?
  • What are you doing in your own life to end the cycle of power, privilege, and oppression?
  • How, where, do you see the link between social justice and environmental justice?


Climate Change After Mid-Term Election

Climate Change After Mid-Term Election

The activists, scientists, and policy makers working on slowing (hopefully stopping and reversing, but let’s start with the small steps) climate change, took an enormous hit this mid-term election due to the Senate majority moving into the hands of the GOP. This means the lead climate-change-denier GOP Senator Jim Inhofe is taking over the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

The environment could not have sustained a bigger blow when it comes to the policies we need moving forward. Stephen Colbert’s humorous take on Inhofe’s promotion to the chair takes the edge off — but only slightly.


Climate Change: I am not a Scientist and Next Steps

What does the phrase, “I am not a scientist” really mean here? It means politicians don’t even have to pretend to listen to the people who are actually scientists, who are actually conducting research on climate change, and who know without doubt what needs to happen to slow the onslaught of crises that will come with sitting on our hands claiming innocence of knowledge.

It means they do not have to take action

There is clear scientific consensus that climate change is real and due to human activities. Congress must act. The EPA must use its authority to limit carbon pollution. The people must educate themselves, each other, and push for better. It is up to us all now. 

I have to believe that we fundamentally all have this same common link and recognize its importance…

Our Common Link - Activism - Almost All The Truth


How do you feel about this mid-term election and the role it plays in our environment? Does the outcome leave you searching for actions to take, organizations to support, or other roles? I would love to hear from you!




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