Books for Mother’s Day

Looking for some reading material this weekend? I am not going to post a gift guide, since I know that most of my readers are mamas. I am going to suggest some special books that are wonderful to read with your children for Mother’s Day or anytime. They celebrate the special relationship that mamas have with their little ones…

Abuela (English Edition with Spanish Phrases) (Picture Puffins)

I love this book about a little girl who has a vivid imagination, shown through equally vivid illustrations. As she wonders what might happen if she could fly, the girl and her grandmother (abuela) take a trip over Manhattan and through the grandmothers memory. It is a small peek into Latino family culture, and a look into the relationship between a grandmother and child. Appropriate for preschoolers and up.

Mother’s Mother’s Day

A story of six generations of mice celebrating Mother’s Day. I have to admit that I did not get this one from the library soon enough to read this book. Hopefully it will be available soon, but it looks adorable. Appropriate for all ages.

Mama Says: A Book of Love for Mothers and Sons

Each poem begins with, “Mama says” … and are told in English, as well as another language. Each poem and the accompanying illustration celebrates the bond between mamas and sons. It weaves through different cultures and languages, but all the while speaking to the common theme of mamas expressing their love for their sons. There are some religious messages in this book that readers should be aware of. Appropriate for preschool and up.

Horton Hatches the Egg (Dr. Seuss Classics)

While this may not technically be a book for Mother’s Day, I think there is a message here that demonstrates that what makes a parent is more than who lays the egg. It can definitely lead to an interesting conversation with older kids if you guide it. I don’t think Dr. Seuss has written a book I don’t like, but this one is a true gem. Appropriate for preschool and up, although the behavior of the animals toward Horton may be too much for sensitive preschoolers.

The Kissing Hand

This is a favorite in this house. We have used the kissing hand on many occasion when leaving Mama, or Mama leaving, is difficult. A story about little Chester Raccoon that doesn’t want to go to school, but wants to stay with his mama. She shows him a secret. She shows him the magic of the kissing hand and the comfort he can find in it if he gets lonely. This is such a sweet book about the power of a mother’s kiss. Appropriate for preschoolers and up.

Mama, Do You Love Me?

A lovely story about a mother’s unconditional love for her child. A daughter continually testing her mother (I am sure none of us can relate, right?) and her love is reassured again and again that her mother loves her no matter what. Appropriate for all ages.

My Monster Mama Loves Me So

A simple rhyming story about all the way a mama loves her little monster. The illustrations are the best part of this book, though. Look for all the hidden pictures on each page! Appropriate for all ages.

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  1. My daughter LOVES "The Kissing Hand", we also love the next book in that series "A Pocket Full Of Kisses"!

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