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We slept under the stars last weekend. Lying in the darkness, listening to the crickets, my mind passed over each of my sleeping children remembering our summer together and thinking forward to what is coming when school, soccer, and other fall activities start this week. Come tomorrow morning, we hit the ground running and won’t stop until the time comes to give thanks we have so many opportunities that keep us busy.

As is typical of the end of anything, I think of what I loved, what I wish we could have done, and what should go on my list for the next summer. One thing about having all my children in public school is there is far less traveling during the school year, although it still can be done!

I love experiencing new places and making new memories with my family. But travel often has an environmental impact. Of course there are lots of ways we can minimize this whether we fly, drive, stay in hotels, camp, or anything else.

Join the Conversation!

  • What are your favorite ways to travel?
  • Favorite places to visit?
  • Top locations on your bucket list?
  • How do you reduce your environmental impact while traveling?

Stay tuned as I focus on eco-friendly travel in the next week or two! Have a great post about this subject? Be sure to leave a link in the comments. :)




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Eco-Friendly Travel Questions — 14 Comments

  1. I am so embarrassed to say that we travel much less now that we have two preschoolers because the whining and wrangling them in airports and in the car is just so exhausting for me. At least the expense of traveling with 4 people in the family rather than just 2 keeps us from flying as much, so we drive more in our fuel-efficient car. I do try to pack our waste-free lunches for the first leg of the trip at least.
    Jenny B recently posted..6 Word Memoir #breathedeep

  2. With three kids, it is super expensive to fly. We enjoy staycations and backyard camping. We did take a 2 week vacation this year to Texas and we drove, and I have to say it really wasn’t fun!

    On a happy note though… when we go out of town to my inlaws or a hot air balloon rally ( my hubby’s best friend is a pilot) or on our few and far between vacations I do travel with my cloth diapers. The thought of baby breaking out due to chemicals is totally worth the “hassel”!

    I also pack healthy organic snacks so I don’t have to worry about the kid eating junk the entire time!

  3. We had a car-free vacation this summer – I will go back to driving only reluctantly. Since I’m the family driver.
    I wrote a post that compares the cost and carbon emissions of various modes of travel, from cars to cruises (under the right conditions, cars do surprisingly well);
    And I’m completely in love with high-speed trains (300km/hour: oh my!).

  4. Green travel is my new obsession! My husband and I just starting participating in this phenomenon last year. We visited Hacienda Tres Rios in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and it’s just a fabulous eco-friendly resort!

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