Fantasy Book Series: mapping a world for dragons (or other imaginary creatures)

Raising Dragons by Jerdine Nolen
Raising Dragons by Jerdine Nolen

“The same way Pa knew that farming was in his blood, I knew that raising dragons was in mine. There are some things you just know.”

Raising Dragons storytime

You never know what you might find on an after supper walk. You might even find your true calling.

This little girl knows all about raising all sorts of creatures. Her Ma and Pa have taught her how to care for lots of living things. Of course, raising a dragon takes a special sort of person and she is just the one to do it, in spite of the misgivings of her parents. She and the dragon share everything, until the interference of nosy neighbors forces him to return back to Dragon Island.

She knows that raising dragons is in her blood. The same way she knows she will see her dragon again, someday.

Raising Dragons map

Activity: Create a whole world on a map.

Get your child started by thinking of her imaginary creature. If she were to happen upon an egg on a nature walk after dinner, what might hatch from it and where would it have come from? How would it need to be raised?

Then get her started on her map by imagining where her friend’s homeland would be and what it would look like. Is it an island? Is it a large continent? Does it have a tropical landscape or an icy one? Are there rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts?

Younger children are apt to copy what is already in the book (because who doesn’t love dragons?), but see if you can get them to go further into their imaginations with some of the other details.

Older children can learn more about the basic elements of a map: title, distance and scale, compass, legend, location information (latitude and longitude). They should also be encouraged in developing a more detailed story around their map.

Most importantly, have fun with it!

Have you seen my top ten list of fantasy books to encourage children to read yet? From that post, we will be delving into each book further with a fun activity in a fantasy book series. Learn just how crucial it is for children to be read to and be read books that spark the imagination. There are a lot of ideas to get you and your child started with fairies, gnomes, goblins, pirates, and even dragons.


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