This is why I fight to make Earth Day every day

There is this song by The Decemberists that reminds me of what Earth Day used to stand for, and what it stands for still for some all year long. I don’t think it really has anything to do with the intention of the songwriter(s), but that chorus will get stuck in my head… and I will have these images pop in to go with the music. And I can’t help but think they are speaking directly about fighting for change.

So that is what I am going to bring to you today. No calls to buy the latest and greatest eco-friendly something, even though I got numerous pitches to do just that. For Earth Day. No calls for specific action. Just this…

Earth Day fight

This is whyThis is why

Why I fightWhy I fight

Why I lie awakeWhy I lie awake.

These are the three reasons I worry about screen-time, oil spills, water conservation, tragedies half a world away, and BPA and other chemicals with long term health effects we are still only just beginning to realize.

These are the reasons I will fight for chemical safety reform, to keep Nestlé away from our water, to pass legislation that bans BPA in children’s products and then will hopefully go farther, women’s rights which still leave less to be desired, and simply for change.

So, this Earth Day, I want you to find what you are fighting for. I want you to celebrate those reasons today, just simply enjoy them. Have fun. Get outside. Get dirty. Run, laugh, jump. Read. Write. Play. The real work can begin tomorrow because there is a long road ahead.

I know that if I am truly fighting for those little faces up there, I have to do it every day with purpose and meaning. Earth Day began as a wonderful way to bring people together to raise awareness about environmental issues. It was critical for people to realize common ground from all aspects of a fledgling environmental movement and to bring more of those issues to the forefront.

Earth Day now is really a celebration. So go out and celebrate. You know there will be work to do tomorrow. How can we let those little faces down?

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
~Native American Proverb

Why do you fight?

Listen: 09 This Is Why We Fight

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This is why I fight to make Earth Day every day — 17 Comments

  1. It always gets me when people get all crazy about ‘earth day’, yet they have never bothered to get outside and enjoy it. I’m all about treating the earth with care- because I want to be able to use it for a long time and enjoy the gorgeousness of it.

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  9. Yes it is for them! It’s also part of my faith of being a good stewart of this earth. It’s so odd – we are not really raised to be, well not me, as a former city girl. We are not properly taught about waste, energy, toxins, and now I have ingrained habits that are difficult to break. I’m working not to teach them to my girls.
    Gina B recently posted..14 Reasons Every Child Should Eat Organic Foods

    • You are so right! I became an environmentalist long before having kids, but they certainly continue to motivate me when I start to feel overwhelmed. Most of what we eco-warriors advocate for will not benefit us, but it will benefit the generations that follow and they all deserve better.

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