Happy 4th of July!

eagle and flagphoto credit: stephen.moore on Flickr

I hope you are able to spend a lovely day with your loved ones today.

I’ll be cautiously optimistic that the 4 year old might venture out to watch the fireworks in our driveway this evening. He thinks he will stay in the car and watch from the backseat.

I’ll be wrestling with how much to tell the 6 year old about what this holiday is and what it means for our lives today. He doesn’t like the simple explanations, always pushing for more details. What is a 6 year old old enough to understand and appreciate?

I’ll be keeping all fingers crossed that the noise doesn’t wake up the baby! Mine and yours. ;)

fireworksphoto credit: paulwoolrich on Flickr

I will also be hoping that everyone has fun and stays safe and healthy…

Find safe sunscreen at EWG’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide.

Make sure you are prepared for those minor injuries that often accompany summer fun with the Eco-Friendly First Aid Checklist from Change Becomes Change.

Use real dishes and silverware, but when that isn’t possible use a Biodegradable Party Kit or for more family-sized dishes, Chinet uses recycled materials that you can compost after the festivities.

If the kids are looking for something to do, get the neighborhood involved with an eco-friendly bike parade from ohdeedoh.

Or if the weather isn’t so great, check out these crafty ideas from No Time For Flashcards. Banging pots and pans during an indoor parade is always fun too. For the kids at least.

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