Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.

I hope that you and your little (and big) ones have a great, fun-filled holiday. My goal this year was simplicity in the busyness. I think we achieved that, although I still wish that we had made it to the pumpkin patch….

We still have costumes to finish, pumpkins to carve, and if possible, I may try to sneak in one of these projects from Pinterest.

But above all, this going to be a fun day. I promise to not expect too much from little fingers. I promise to not worry about being late. I promise to keep my principles, but perhaps let a little candy slide. I promise to make this a fun Halloween for us all.

What are your plans for the day?

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Happy Halloween! — 2 Comments

  1. We had a great Halloween. My daughter went to a few of the neighbor’s houses who got to ooh and aah over her sweet costume. I am so glad we aren’t to the point where the candy is the most important yet!

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