Intentional Acts of Kindness in Remembrance

Intentional Acts of Kindness

Remembering Through Kindness My dear friend is facing the one year anniversary of the loss of her baby boy on Saturday.

The loss of anyone close to you is painful, but the loss of a child has to be one of, if not the, most difficult thing to go through.

She reached out to friends and family to share their encouragement for us all to perform an act of kindness to bring joy to those around us.

Because of the pain and grief, they are turning the dark into light through changing the world one step at a time.

“What is unbearable now will change. What is effortless now will change. Change is dependably constant. Have faith in change.”

~Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Healing Hearts

They want to make April 14th a day of purpose to improve our world. In memory of this sweet baby, will you join us and shine your light on the world? Together we can make this a better place.

Ideas To Improve Our World

  • Reach out to a friend in an unexpected way – a homemade card sent in the mail, a delivery of fresh muffins to their door.
  • Pay for the person behind you in line for coffee.
  • Volunteer in a soup kitchen or food pantry.
  • Be kind. Waiters, baristas, clerks, customer service representatives, strangers on the street, colleagues, we all deserve a little kindness every day.
  • Let someone else have your seat, that parking space, the last cart.
  • Be polite.
  • Listen.
  • Support your community.
  • Help a friend.
  • Help a senior citizen mow their lawn or walk their dog.
  • Offer free babysitting to a parent in need.
  • Donate books to a local book bank or library.
  • Visit a hospital or senior center.

Are you willing to take on a day of purpose through kindness? I would love to be able to share your ideas with my friend and show her that people from all over will be thinking of her and her baby boy on April 14th. 

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Intentional Acts of Kindness in Remembrance — 5 Comments

  1. Yes,yes,yes…I will honor your friends wish and the memory of their baby with kindness tomorrow! and I will strive to do the same everyday!

  2. I think acts of kindness are a great way to remember someone. I will definitely participate. These are the types of ideas that I love checking out different blogs for. I have found that a good parenting blog can be a great resource. They often have useful tips and important information that can only come with experience. One of my favorites is Young Urban Moms. I get great tips, advice, stories, and ideas from moms that are really easy to relate to and really funny. I definitely recommend them.

  3. Who has the power to make this a kinder world? You do! All it takes is for one person to ‘plant an act of kindness’ and it has the potential to grow and spread for everyone’s benefit.

    Creativity Portal’s Kindness section has been visited by people worldwide seeking information about kindness and tools they can use to spread more kindness around in the world. We invite you to download some of our free printables below and visit other kindness Web sites so we can all participate in intentional acts of kindness and make life a little brighter for everyone.

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