It’s a baseball Saturday

Baseball ready

Or should I say another baseball Saturday? With two boys playing this year and a practice and two games a week each, often at the same time and different parks, time has felt even more rushed than ever. Sometimes I wish I could just slow everything down.

Thinking about being baseball ready

I am finally just going through all the photos I took from their first games (different times, same park). I like to only take my camera to the first and last games of the season. I want the rest of the time spent just focusing on them, in the moment, not on trying to get a good shot. Besides, baseball season here in Oregon is always wet which doesn’t allow for many good photography sessions.

Running the bases All the way through first!

The first game we got lucky. The sun was shining, the kids all excited, the parents cheering. They always have their opening game on the “big league” field, making all the players feel important.


I love team sports for that and all the benefits they can provide to little ones when parents, coaches, and community are responsible and positive role models. The camaraderie of a team, the sharing in the highs and cheering up one another in the lows, the realization of a greater accomplishment through cooperation, besides just the exercise and fresh air that outdoor sports inherently provide.

Batter up!

One of our favorite coaches and friends has always said that the best measure of success at the end of the season is if the child wants to play again the next year. So far, so good. But when they are ready to move on, I hope that they will always remember this love of playing, however that may look.

What are you and your little ones doing this weekend?

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It’s a baseball Saturday — 11 Comments

  1. Awww, I remember when mine were that age in their kit. Even though I’m English I loved how they looked like the all-American boy. So cute! And you can get some great action shots of them playing as you have shown so well. :-)

  2. Loved this post. Sports are so important for kids for all the reasons you mentioned — especially the sense of camaraderie and strength in community they instill.

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