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An Apple A Day... Healthy, Organic Snacks

Homemade Snacks for Kids On The Go

In light of certain food scandals of late, making homemade snacks seems to be the best way to get safe, healthy food into our children’s little bodies. All kids like to snack and it is important for the development to offer nutritious snacks for them during the day when they are busy running off those calories. Seriously, how fast can a toddler sprint?

The ideal snacks for when we’re busy are things we can make or prepare ahead of time. That way we can just grab and go. Anything that fits in my purse always gets an A+, because it never fails that we are in the middle of something with no healthy food in sight when I have a starving child hanging on my leg begging anyone for food. Believe me that has happened.

1. Chewy Energy Circles. I have adapted a recipe from Mollie Katzen’s Salad People, of which we are huge fans. Use a 24 size silicone muffin pan so there is no need to make it non-stick.


1 cup flour (or 3/4 cup coconut flour),
1/2 tsp salt and cinnamon,
2 cups organic rolled oats,
2/3 cup raw local honey,
1/2 cup dried fruit like raisins or blueberries.

In a separate bowl mix: 

1 1/2 cups organic plain or vanilla yogurt,
1/4 cup coconut oil.

Combine wet and dry ingredients all together, spoon equal amounts in the 24 cups, and bake at 375 for about 12-15 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. Keep in an enclosed container for snacks for the week.

2. Homemade Trail Mix. This is literally the easiest snack idea of the bunch. Choose what you and your children like and mix it together in one big container for the week. Seeds, nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, even a little chocolate can go in here.

Homemade and Healthy Snacks for at Home

The second class of perfect snacks are those that take a bit to make and do better when eaten (or slurped) at home, but are ultimately nutritious and delicious. These are our favorite snacks for those afternoon pick me-ups that help us get through until dinner in one piece.

1. Green Smoothies. I love green smoothies and am thrilled that my two vegetable-averse children always drink these until their reusable straws are slurping. The best part of green smoothies is that you can use whatever you have on hand. Adding something with a bit of fat and protein like plain organic yogurt, coconut milk, or raw almonds is one way to keep energy up. Then just add your favorite fruit(s) with greens. Check out the latest recipe we made here.

2. Kale Chips. Wash, dry, and tear kale into pieces. Mix with an oil like olive or warmed coconut, which I have started using with great results. Add a tiny bit of sea salt. Bake on a cookie sheet at 350 for about 15 minutes or so until crunchy. Then watch them disappear.

3. Homemade Greek Yogurt With Honey. Greek yogurt from the store is expensive, but you can make it easily at home. We have a yogurt maker, so I would use that to make the plain yogurt. Then it is just a matter of straining it through a cheesecloth for 2-8 hours depending on how thick you like it. Then add some raw local honey for a sweet flavor that can also provide the great benefits of building the immunity to your local environment and providing energy to muscles. If you don’t have your own yogurt maker, it is still easy, just have to follow the directions and have a little patience.

Healthy Child Healthy World is collecting all kinds of recipes for healthy snacks for kids, be sure to check them out!

What are your favorite snack ideas to keep your little ones’ engines running? Have you ever had the hunger monster come calling on your child at an inopportune moment?

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Kid Snacks for Energy and Health — 9 Comments

  1. I love kale chips. Heck any green is great as a chip. I made Brussels sprout chips since the leaves opened up on my plant. No one got to taste them since I ate them all out of the pan….

    I have been trying to figure out how to make coconut yogurt thick like greek yogurt. Can you just strain it?

    • Sprouts are not my favorite, but I wonder how the chips would taste? Our sprouts all went bad this last growing season.

      I was actually just wondering if I could make Greek coconut yogurt. I know So Delicious makes it, so I imagine you could at home too, just by straining it. You may have to add something like pectin to it though. Let me know if you try it!

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