Make it Monday: a butterfly birthday party

We had Baby Girl’s butterfly birthday party this weekend with family and friends. I was much more frustrated in planning this party than I typically am because of my wrist injury. I wasn’t able to actually DO the work for it that I otherwise would have. Luckily I have a great husband, mom, and friends (Munchkin Designs and A Diva and 3 Dudes Designs) that helped me out immensely.

So I didn’t technically make everything, but somebody did! Here is what we did and some ideas for keeping it green!

Butterfly Garland

Butterfly garland made from recycled paper and strung with ribbon.

Make it green: Use recycled or upcycled vintage paper for the decorations and ribbon. Even better, keep everything and use again for a future event.

Birthday Table

The birthday table was created out of repurposed items and delectable food.

Make it green: Reuse materials – old dining table, vintage tablecloth, canopy, glass pitchers filled with lemonade and water, tempered glass for the snacks, plus a little adult beverage for the adults.

Organic Snacks

Organic snacks in tempered glass bowls.

Make it green: Glass bowls filled with organic (mostly) snacks bought in bulk without plastic bags. Opt for organic when possible, plus watch out for artificial colors and plastic or excessive packaging.

Lollipops for party guests.

Locally made lollipops for party guests.

Make it green: Repurposed flower pots and tissue paper, handmade lollipops. Love choosing products that are handmade locally, even if they are full of sugar! Who could resist something so adorable?

Handmade Pom Pom decorations. Handmade Pom Pom decorations.

Make it green: Use decorations that are handmade and use recycled or repurposed materials. For poms, use recycled tissue paper, repurposed wire, and keep for other events or playroom decor.

White butterfly decorations.

White butterfly decorations.

Make it green: Use recycled or upcycled vintage paper, repurpose materials, reuse decorations.

Swinging in a pretty new dress.

Swinging in a pretty new dress.

Make it green: Organic cotton is an ideal fabric for wee ones and the environment. Making it yourself, or having a talented friend, is wonderful.

craft table

baby girl crafting

Craft table.

Make it green: Use what you have for entertainment, kids love to run and explore. We had a nature focused scavenger hunt and lots of imaginative play. The craft table used recycled paper and repurposed craft supplies. We had coloring pages, paper cut-outs to decorate, coffee filter butterflies, and ribbon wands to choose from.

Coffee Filter Butterflies need coffee filters, markers, a spray bottle and a pipe cleaner. Have children decorate the coffee filters with marker (the more color the better). Spray a little water to let the colors blend together. Scrunch the center up and wrap pipe cleaner around for the body and antenna.

Ribbon Wands need a dowel and ribbon cut in 3/4 yard lengths. Tie ribbon on the dowel and expect to use about 3 ribbons per wand. Provide different colors of ribbon.


blowing out candles


Make it green: organic ingredients, recycled or no wrappers, repurposed candles. We modified a recipe from Bakerella for the “cake ball” top. We opted for simple chocolate and it was supposed to be a cake pop, but it was delicious.

I didn’t take pictures of everything, because we should always try to enjoy our kids’ milestones, not just document them. Here are a few other ways to green a birthday party:

  • green prizes for the goody bags: recycled crayons, handmade/vintage bookmarks, crafts they can take home, books for the little ones, nature explorer kits for the older ones, (wings weren’t green, but oh so cute!), repurposed bags
  • reduce the amount of paper products you have to use, or choose compostable
  • homemade, repurposed, or no wrapping paper for gifts
  • when making any party decisions just think reduce, reuse, recycle

And if you buy a gift, look for quality. We chose a baby doll stroller made by Nova Natural that is made well, with good materials, and is made in the United States and the fabric fairly made in India. Isn’t it pretty?


What a weekend!

What are your favorite eco-friendly party tips?

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