Make Your Voice Heard about BPA!

On Tuesday, March 15th, five Oregon Senators from the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee will hear opinions about whether to ban toxic BPA (Bisphenol-A) from children’s food and drink containers.

BPA-Free Baby Bottles

This is an important first step in moving Oregon toward first recognizing the harmful health effects of BPA on our children’s health that could spread that recognition and action both to other states and also to other products.


The intent is that recognizing the toxic effects of BPA on human health will ensure a desire on behalf of our society and legislators to enact limits on this hormone-disrupting chemical. It has been a fight to get this recognition, largely due to the astounding amounts of money (and scare tactics) that the industry uses to keep the lid on just how bad BPA really is. And maybe because a ban seems reactionary, or overwhelming, or government overreaching.

Baby boy BPA

One of three reasons I fight to ban BPA.

Whatever the reason, it has been a long road to get here. But here we are and everyone needs to do their part.

Here is what you can do, whether you live in Oregon or not. Here is a real chance to make a difference now. Do your part here and it WILL spread.

A few tips on testimony from OEC:

Describe in your own words why you are concerned about BPA in food and drink
containers. Speak from your role as a consumer, a parent, a citizen of Oregon. You don’t
need to be a professional, manufacturer or health expert–lawmakers need to hear why
their constituents want them to act.

Senator Jackie Dingfelder, members of the Senate Environment and Natural
Resources Committee:
My name is (YOUR NAME HERE) and I am here to speak as a citizen of Oregon. I
strongly support Senate Bill 695, and act to create an unlawful practice of manufacturing,
distributing, selling or offering for sale child’s beverage container, container of infant
formula or reusable bottle made or lined with bisphenol A or replacement mmaterial that is
carcinogenic or is reproductive toxicant.

Why you are concerned:

Why you believe Oregon should act now:

Any other things you think the committee should know:

I support the goals of SB 695 and urge members of the committee to vote in favor of this
bill. Thank you.


Will you join me to ban BPA in children’s food and drink containers in Oregon?



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Make Your Voice Heard about BPA! — 3 Comments

    • I hope so too. Do you know if there is anything happening in your state? New York, Vermont, Maryland, Minnesota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Washington have all passed laws banning BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups.

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