My small children in a style all their own.

These children. They take my breath away. In the ways that they move, at times so gracefully it is poetic, to the times I can’t imagine how they, in their uncertainty of their body’s place in time and space, manage to stay upright. In the ways that they have such childlike, imaginative tales of the heroes and villains of the day to when it seems as though they have some special insight into the secrets of the universe.

These children. They look at the clouds in the sky and the dirt of the earth and see magic there. They look at stars and dandelions and see wishes yet to come. They read and believe in the impossible and question the insincere. They sing and their music comes from a place I do not know and a time that has long since passed. They have a connection that goes beyond all knowing.

They are the light in my heart and the stirrers of my soul.

This One Will Always Be My Baby Boy My Cool Scholar

We Love Books
Sweet Sugar and Spice Love This Face

My Three HeartsBowties and Big Smiles Getting So Big With His Two Missing Teeth

Kids age mosaic

All photos by the marvelous team from Castalia Custom Photography of Stephanie Bryan (photographer) and Marne Maykowskyj Nordean (photo stylist). They make their photos art and are wonderfully easy to work with.

First ever Small Style:

On my second grader: long-sleeved tee: thrifted, tee and pants: H&M, hat: Castalia prop
On my kindergartener: long-sleeved tee and pants: H&M
On my preschooler: sweater: hand-me-down, dress: thrifted, tights: Naartjie outlet, boots: H&M, bow: Sit Still, necklace: gifted

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My small children in a style all their own. — 13 Comments

  1. Such a lovely post, illustrating the incredible love only a mother can truly appreciate. Thanks for the reminder of how precious these times are, how important it is to just stand back and watch the magic our children bring to this world. I wish I could be as poetic!

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