Phizzwizards for dreamers

Are you a dreamer?

Invitation by Shel Silverstein


My boys and I read The BFG by Roald Dahl a while ago, which landed squarely in my top ten list of fantasy books to encourage children to read. The BFG like so many other of Dahl’s books has a delightful vocabulary filled with frobscottles, snozzcumbers, and best of all phizzwizards. This book is about dreams and is for the dreamer in all of us.

Every dream has a special label and the very best one of all is a phizzwizard, a golden phizzwizard. And “every dream in the world is making a different sort of buzzy-hum music, And these grand swashboggling ears of mine (The BFG) is able to read that music.” And not just hear it, but understand it.

There are dreamers in this world. These are the people who not only hear the music of the world, but they understand it. They are the listeners, but also the creators, the visionaries. They do and inspire others to become doers as well. The dreamers move mountains with their ideas and explore the far reaches of any boundary they can find to push.

Are you a dreamer?

Roald Dahl was a dreamer. Shel Silverstein was a dreamer. Think of anyone that can move you with their words, their music, their art, their creations, their genius, their ordinariness… those are dreamers. Children are often dreamers. Those that believe are dreamers. Those that act in the hope it will make a difference, in the hope of something better, are dreamers.

If you are a dreamer, what is your dream? What is your golden phizzwizard?


The BFG writing a dream.

For today’s ‘Make Things Monday’ project we re-read a few sections inĀ The BFG about dreams. We talked about dreams we have at night, daydreams we might think up during the day, and dreams we have for the future-although that was probably more me than them.

I asked the question, if you were to have a golden phizzwizard blown in your ear as in the book, what would that look like?

We each sat and thought. Those that could write wrote. Those that wanted to dictate did so. And those that wanted to create a picture did. Dreams are funny things. One day we may be hoping for an impressive Lego Star Wars dream and the next we are hoping for a better future for our children. In any case, it is quite the conversation given the time to delve deep into the minds of your little ones.

What would you come up with? What would your children?


Our theme for October’s Families, Create! Make and Play Carnival was phizzwhizzers. Our participants shared with us the odd and out of the ordinary, the dreams we aspire to, and the individuality that makes them unique.

Check out what Families Create! participants created this month:

Brenna at Almost All The Truth creates the dreams of dreamers with her children with a little help from Roald Dahl.

Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children found the perfect fish hatto make for one of her phizzwhizzing children.

It’s Little House on the Prairie complete with modern plumbing, cell phones, and video games. Mary and Laura would surely find Kieran’s imagination to be full of phizzwhizzers! Dionna at Code Name: Mama shares how her son (Kieran) combines pioneer play with today’s conveniences.

A new birthday tradition evolved at Living Peacefully with Children when Mandy and her daughter worked on a funky pinkalicious cake.

Please join us for November’s Families Create! Make and Play challenge. This month’s theme is Rhymes and Verse!

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  1. This is such a fun exercise! I must try it with Kieran tomorrow – he’s busy dreaming in bed right now :) I do remember the first dream he ever told me about – it had his best friend in it, and they were playing with a stick. Very simple, but he was super excited that he remembered to tell it.

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