Screen-Free Week 2012 {Day 1 of a Week-In-The-Life}

Screen-Free Week With Almost All The Truth and Green Child Magazine

Screen-Free Week on Almost All The TruthToday is the beginning of Screen-Free Week (formerly TV-Turnoff Week). If you haven’t read some of the facts about why minimizing our kids’ screen time is so important, go read and come back. We’ll wait.

There are really two schools of thought on how to manage this week when your children are used to screen time, no matter how much: (1) Let the kids discover for themselves what their lives are like without tvs, computers, or video games, even if that means lots of whining and protests of boredom or (2) Guide your children through activities that keep them engaged, introduce something new, or foster togetherness.

I subscribe to a little of each philosophy.

Learning a little independence in play is healthy, as is learning to combat boredom using the imagination and what is available at the time. We are striving to raise empathetic, creative, physically active, mentally active, capable human beings.

Reducing screen time can help with that and it benefits all children.

Have A Plan For Screen-Free Week

What will you say when your kids inevitable say they are bored? Will you encourage them to find something they can do on their own or will you guide them in an activity? Depending on the situation, either will be an opportunity for you and your child to learn how to move forward with less screen time after this week is over.

20 Sample Activities

These will give you an idea of what to offer to younger children, but older children might like to print or write a list of options they can choose from – at least until they decide their own ideas are more fun!

  1. Build a fort.
  2. Tell stories, spooky or fairytale.
  3. Put on a play.
  4. Make sock puppets.
  5. Paint a scene from a book or story.
  6. Scavenger hunts.
  7. Sports.
  8. Board games.
  9. Read.
  10. Hide and seek.
  11. Create a nature table or village.
  12. Garden.
  13. Bake.
  14. Learn origami.
  15. Make popcorn.
  16. Make popsicles.
  17. Decorate a clay pot and plant flowers or herbs.
  18. Make a bird feeder.
  19. Write a letter to a friend or grandparent.
  20. Make a Mason bee box.

Which approach sounds right for your family and what do you think you will do today to combat the boredom? Come back tomorrow to see a peek into what we did! 


I am partnering with Green Child Magazine to chronicle a week-in-the-life of a family experiencing Screen-Free Week. Each day I will highlight something our family is doing instead of watching tv, playing on the computer or video games. We will spend time together, time independently, time exploring, and likely a little time with not a thing to do. Join us!

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