Screen-Free Week 2012 {Day 4 of a Week-In-The-Life}

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My perspective and my kids’ perspective is very different on just about everything in life. So it isn’t surprising that Screen-Free Week is another one of those things.

I took to the halls to find out what the kids here think about what has been the best and worst parts of this week.

Me – “What is the worst part of Screen-Free Week?”

3-year-old – “I don’t like Screen-Free Week.”

6-year-old – “That I can’t play video games.”

8-year-old – “Not getting to watch tv.”

Me – “What is the best part of Screen-Free Week?”

3-year-old – “Smoothies!”

6-year-old – “Nothing. Well actually getting to bake cookies is kind of nice.”

8-year-old – “It saves energy.”

Today’s baseball game reminded me that I believe all those who teach, whether they be parents, coaches, or school teachers, have to meet our children where they are while always challenging them to be more, do more, seek more. For this very reason, I also believe that no one should tell you how to parent, how to teach, because you will have to meet your own children where they are.

Almost All The Truth - Snacks Made For Forts

With the threat of rain and the very real cold, the middle boy and I decided to warm our kitchen and bellies by baking cookies. I love baking any time, but when it is with just one child at a time, it is even more special. This one loved talking about the math of measuring: fractions, halving a recipe, and what happens when you don’t have the exact right measurement cup/spoon.

Since the other two were clamoring for attention by the time the cookies were cooling, it was decided that a special treat deserved a special place in which to eat them. Can believe that such a fun mama like me has never really taught her children to build forts?

Fort building time it was. And as an example of me attempting to direct my children’s imaginations, unsuccessfully I might (needlessly) add, I thought this would be a great opportunity to sing campfire songs or . No, it had to be a haunted house with monsters lurking outside, ghosts hovering, and lions stalking. Sigh.

Almost All The Truth - Baseball

Our day was topped by the most American of spring pastimes, baseball. The crack of the bat is heard on fields all across the country. The sound of cheers, the excitement of a big hit or unexpected catch, the smile on his face when he reaches first base… That is the best thing ever.

What is your favorite activity to do with your child, any time?


I am partnering with Green Child Magazine to chronicle a week-in-the-life of a family experiencing Screen-Free Week. Each day I will highlight something our family is doing instead of watching tv, playing on the computer or video games. We will spend time together, time independently, time exploring, and likely a little time with not a thing to do. Join us!

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Screen-Free Week 2012 {Day 4 of a Week-In-The-Life} — 10 Comments

  1. I love doing anything with my kids one on one.The everyday activities like baking cookies are fun. I’m especially enjoying special activities with each of the kids and doing things they are interested in. My 8 year old loves music so we’ve seen a local concert together. My 6 & 3 year boys on the other hand love any trucks (what little boy doesn’t?!) So they are happy when we just stop in a parking lot and watch diggers and bulldozers do their work. So many fun options instead of TV!
    Susan P recently posted..When the Exception to the Rule Becomes the New Status Quo

    • There are so many fun options! I love getting to do things with my kids one on one as well. I am sure those are the times they will remember the most – getting to do something based on their interests alone and with mama’s undivided attention.

  2. We just spent a week screen-free while on vacation and it was great! Granted, we had the added bonus of spending much of every day at the beach, but the kids (mine plus 2 others) also found new ways of staying entertained. They read, we played games, one night they made some plays to perform for the grown ups, and sometimes they just sat (gasp! doing “nothing”) and stared at the sea. For me the best part was not having the inevitable arguments about how much screen time was enough and not having to listen to my son begging for more, more, MORE! Screen free all the time is tempting, but my family isn’t quite ready for that. We go mostly screen free during the week, and that’s a good compromise for us.

    • I just stayed at the beach for a weekend and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why every room of the house we rented had a television in it. Sigh.

      We aren’t ready for it all the time either, and there are certainly lots of educational reasons to use the computer, it is easier to not have it at all then negotiate limits! I am trying to figure out what we are going to do this summer to make sure more time is spent outside and using imaginations then watching tv or playing video games!

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