Screen-Free Week 2012 {Final Day of a Week-In-The-Life}

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The final day of Screen-Free Week always proves to me just how little my children need that time watching tv or playing video games. The week always goes so fast and we never even get to do half of the activities I present to them as options. Luckily we have plenty of time to keep trying more things that stretch our minds and bodies.

All three of the kids have managed to collect a fair number of seed packets, from wildflowers to herbs and veggies, they want to plant. When the rain lifts, we head out and do a little digging in the soil. We all do better with a little more connection to nature.

My children are now standing at the window watching an enormous crane lift an equally enormous fallen tree off a neighbor’s roof. That is perspective. Both in what is really important in life and what is interesting to small children. Most of the time they don’t need their days to be scheduled to the minute, nor do they need a plethora of activities to choose from at all times or large numbers of toys that only serve to make a mess (just ask the two who did not want to clean up after themselves yesterday).

Screen-Free Week brings awareness to parents across the country with some of the facts . It brings awareness to children by introducing a new way of thinking about their screen time and what other options are available. It allows for a new perspective.

This may be the end of Screen-Free Week, but it is still a good idea to have a list of activities at the ready for the protests of boredom

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Screen-Free Week 2012 {Final Day of a Week-In-The-Life} — 3 Comments

  1. Yeah for Screen Free Week! We did it too. It was pretty easy for my almost 12 year old but pretty tough for my 7 year old – although yesterday he came up with the idea that we should do it more often (and then promptly retracted that statement!) I agree – it’s great to have the awareness of all the different things there are to do other than screen-time.
    Micaela @MindfulMomma recently posted..Green Kid Crafts to the Rescue!

    • I wonder if it’s age that makes the biggest difference or personality? My kids all responded to the week so differently, and even from year to year they have a different perspective on it. I do think we could do this more often “unofficially.” It’s good for everyone!

  2. I agree with this that it is still better to have a list of activities you would want to have to fight boredom..

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