Slowing down to get through the week (and a link up)

I hope you all had lovely holidays with lots of meaningful time spent with friends and family. I tried very hard to just be in every moment. I think that is one lesson this second half of 2010 has taught me. I am still learning to let go, to breathe, to just be (and to just be me). We had a lovely Christmas…

Christmas TreeBathed in the glow of many LED lights… one of my shots using Melissa’s Tree Photo Tutorial.

The Christmas Pajama ShotAnd the obligatory Christmas morning pajama shot for which my three have still have not learned the lesson that if you would all just look and smile nice at the same time we wouldn’t have to take 50. And for which I have not yet learned how to eliminate the glare of the glasses yet.

This week, I am joining many others and taking a break. I hope you all do the same. I wish for you that you will only do what you love and with those that you love. This week especially.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to dig through some of my old posts and find the ones I enjoyed the most. A countdown to the new year…

For now, here are some amazing reads from other fabulous blogs I love. I hope they make you think. I hope they encourage you to be yourself. I hope they help you get through one more week with children at home…

  • Pretty words from doobleh-vay that you really need to read for yourself: Christmas 2010.
  • Recycle all those lollipops into some delicious cookies: Recycled Sugar from EnviroMom.
  • A lovely winter skating party from Hip Hip Hooray. Oh how I wish (for just a moment) that we lived in a place where this would be a possibility.

**Have a post that you think I should read? Link up (no giveaways please)!

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Slowing down to get through the week (and a link up) — 19 Comments

  1. Alright, I linked up a post that I know you've already read (because you commented on it!) but so many of my posts from the past year have been ultra depressing and not helpful to anybody trying to make it through their week, sanity intact! By the way, Averi said to me last night, "Mom, sometimes when you're frustrated, you don't let me help you. You just forget to breathe." I felt like a jerk and also like Joan Crawford and also like I'm raising a pretty special kid.

    • Thanks Mary. Sometimes reading through those posts can be therapeutic for the reader as well, but I have to say I enjoyed the one you shared. :)

      I don't think Averi will ever let you forget just how special she is. She already knows the key to the universe: breathing…

  2. What awesome shots of your home and your kids. I love that tree photo! I'm going to have to read that tutorial myself…I can sometimes get good shots, but that is an awesome one! And the new PJ shot–gosh I love those :)

  3. Thanks for the links! I missed out on posting my own, but I love reading holiday/New Year related posts! I created a link up for holiday posts on my own blog, if you're interested in adding your post, stop by!


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