Spring Into Summer With Plum District Summer Camp Deals {Giveaway}

Happy Spring!

Cherry TreeWhat does the advent of spring mean when you are a parent? It means it is time to start thinking about summer camps, unless you are one of those families that have the summer planned out of necessity or as part of the rampant overachievement of the times.

Luckily for those still looking for summer fun that won’t break the bank AND isn’t at the expense of our favorite local businesses (*ahem* other daily deal sites) we have Camp Week from Plum District!


Plum District is the daily deal site that is for moms by moms and does everything it can to support local and small businesses.

Check out some of the camps that are available now:

Portland$130 for 5 Full Day Camps and 6-Month Membership at Metro Gymnastics Center – a $280 Value

San Francisco/Bay Area50% off Summer Camps at East Bay Youth Sports!

San Diego$69 for a Week of Half-Day Summer Camp at My Kids Clubhouse – a $150 Value

Denver$69-$89 for a Firefighter’s Summer Camp at The Denver Firefighter’s Museum

These are just a few examples. More camps will become available throughout the week all over the country! If you live in the Portland area, be sure to “like” Plum District’s Facebook page to keep up to date.

And yet another win for you, Plum District. is letting me give away 5 – $10 coupon codes that you can use on anything, anywhere (except for ‘Plum Steals,’ until June 30th. Hooray!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do read the fine print on any deals before buying. In addition, Plum District. and your local business should be able to answer any questions you might have, so ask away. Plum District is an affiliate.

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Spring Into Summer With Plum District Summer Camp Deals {Giveaway} — 22 Comments

  1. Summer camps!!!! I flip flop every day between throwing my hands up and wanting to NOT schedule the summer and the acid fear that comes with the thought of three kids home every day all summer long!! I’m getting my scheduling book out!

    Great giveaway!

  2. The opportunity camp offers young campers is great. New friends, new adventures, and new things to learn! And camp songs, everyone loves a good camp song!

  3. I never went to summer camp but I would like my child to someday be able to experience the fun, crafts, swimming, friends, etc.

  4. It will be a couple of years before my daughter will be able to go to summer camp. I think she would enjoy spending time with other kids, learn new adventures and have a lot of fun.

  5. We have had wonderful experiences with summer camp! Our children have only ever been to one, the same one every summer, but it is awesome. They go to our Tribe’s Culture summer camp. They spend a week learning all about Native American culture. They get to fish, make crafts, learn singing and dancing, and language too!

  6. I would like my kids to attend summer camp to make new friends, learn new skills, and become more independent!

  7. I took an archery class during the summer when I was in elementary school. It was awesome, I made a ton of friends and was actually GREAT at it!

  8. My son is going to a sports camp this summer and I think he’ll really enjoy getting to learn different sports (he’s 4).

  9. I think that i would love for my child to have that experience because it would mean he would be able to interact with children in an environment outside of school and I think that that experience alone would be very beneficial

  10. I went to summer camp every year from the time I was 9 until I was 14, and it was such an amazing experience learning outdoor skills, interacting with other kids all day, doing crafts, singing songs, and simply gaining some independence.

  11. As a child, I went to summer camp with the Girl Scouts. As a teen, I went to summer camp with my church. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I definitely want my kids to have that experience.

  12. I would love for my daughter to branch out and make friends with other kids and to gain the self confidence that she can do sporty things

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