Talking to your kids about the oil spill

Have you been talking to your kids about the oil spill? Have they been listening to the coverage, looking at pictures of the disaster?

As you may remember, my 6 year old has been quite interested in this subject. I found myself not completely understanding how to broach the subject with him. He likes real specific, in depth, answers, that I don’t always know… like, how exactly do bees make honey? Or, why the girls get to spin in the dance they are learning at school, but the boys don’t?

So, I was happy to see that the National Wildlife Federation and Ranger Rick have created a page that answers the questions kids might have about the oil spill. I really like the answers given. They are clear, concise, age-appropriate, but don’t sugarcoat the problems. Obviously you need to take your child’s age and temperament into consideration, but the questions and answers Ranger Rick gives are a great starting place for such a confusing issue.

NWF has also created a good, common sense, parent guide to talking with your kids that extends beyond the oil spill. Some tips include: be age-appropriate, let your child take the lead, diffuse fear, think positively, and empower action. I think these hold true for any scary event that may affect our children.

My boy has decided that he is going to have a solar-powered car, that it is a good idea to walk instead of drive when we can, and feels good about when he practices reduce, reuse, recycle as something that is making a difference. How are your kids feeling?


Ranger Rick on The Big Oil Spill
Parent Guide


Talking to your kids about the oil spill — 9 Comments

  1. WoW…I just talked to my kids about a way that we can help just this evening. How wierd!!!!

  2. It hasn't come up in conversation yet. We also haven't had the TV on for them to see it. In a way I would like to shelter them a little longer from this kind of stuff, but if they do see it or ask I would definitely use your link. Great post!

  3. Lisa and Christina- Thanks!

    Angie- How funny! So what did your kids think?

    Melodie- Thanks for visiting! My kids haven't seen anything on tv, but have heard the radio… although I am trying to not listen to quite so much NPR with them!

  4. That's cool – Thanks for the info. My kids are a little young but this info is helpful for next time something like this happens (sadlly).

  5. Good information- My daughter is a little too yet to get it, but I have heard my nephew talking about it with my sister. Kids really do have a genuine concern for things happening in this world.

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