The Tooth Fairy’s big moment

It was a big day here. My 6 year old lost his very first tooth. I think he is the last in his class to lose one and definitely the last of his friends. He has been anxiously awaiting that tooth coming out. At last that day is here!

I know he was hoping that it would come out on Christmas Eve so that Santa and the Tooth Fairy could both come on the same night. I think this is more fun though. This is a big moment and now the Tooth Fairy doesn’t have to share the spotlight. You only lose that first tooth once.

lost his tooth

So proud of that gap!

The anticipation of losing the tooth has led to both mayhem and cuteness at the loss of it. It all started with a piece of gum. He decided to show off for his brother and demonstrate just what he could do with that wiggly tooth. He opened his mouth only to realize it was gone, only a hole left in it’s place, and the panicked search for the lost tooth ensued with much yelling and whooping with delight.

Bouncing off the walls led to playful roughhousing, some wailing, and a whole day filled with charged energy. Even baby girl got into the spirit claiming that she also lost a tooth. Although, as my 6 year old patiently explained to his brother, that is impossible. “She would have had to have teeth while she was still in Mama’s tummy. While she was just a cell!” And that was not the case here.

I even got him to sweep under the dining table for me with the ruse that if the tooth was under there he would be able to find it more easily by sweeping. Alas, we did not find the tooth. I am pretty sure he swallowed it in his excitement. This makes me a little sad, even though I don’t think I would ever be one of those parents who keep that first lost tooth out of sentiment. Then I got him to clean up his room so that he would be sure to have the time to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining the absence of the lost tooth under his pillow.

wooden tooth box

I bought him a cute little wooden tooth box from Spielwerk Toys when doing some holiday shopping, knowing this day was coming soon. It’s made with sustainable rubber wood, kiln dried, and colored with water-based paints, plus it is super cute! The boy has been carrying it around all day. Sometime simple things make a big impact. The Tooth Fairy will be leaving some gold coins tonight.

It’s really an amazing milestone, as they all are. One he just barely squeezed in before his 7th birthday in a couple months, almost to the day. How they grow so fast…

What is your favorite milestone? Which one do you look forward to the most? the least?

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The Tooth Fairy’s big moment — 5 Comments

  1. congrats!!

    the tooth fairy is visiting our house tonight too. My 6 year old looks like Snaggletooth. He lost his 7th tooth and has 5 holes right now.

  2. So sweet! And I love the tooth box, too! I just got a ton of felt squares from etsy in every possible color and I think we're going to have a mama-daughter project of making a little tooth fairy pillow with some of it!

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