Mapping Global Campaigns for Environmental Justice

  Do you have an interest in global environmental justice? Do you wonder about what communities are doing worldwide to stand up for themselves in cases of ecological conflict? This is quite fantastic…   Across the world communities are struggling to … Continue reading

Climate Change After Mid-Term Election

Climate Change After Mid-Term Election The activists, scientists, and policy makers working on slowing (hopefully stopping and reversing, but let’s start with the small steps) climate change, took an enormous hit this mid-term election due to the Senate majority moving … Continue reading

The Survival of Great Apes {Part 1}

What would you say if I told you great apes like chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans may disappear from the wild within eight years? Would you be shocked? Would you feel a wave of disbelief? Would you feel sad? According to … Continue reading

Finding Hope Amongst the Tears

This year. 2012. It has become a heart-wrenching year. I used to believe there was some kind of “every other year rule” when it came to things. Rain on Memorial Day weekend. Hardships that people deal with all the time, … Continue reading

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