The Good, The Bad, The Environment: National Park Week

National Park Week National Parks really are our best idea. If you’re lucky enough to live near some of our precious public lands, you may know how important they are: connecting us with nature, culture, history. Often we take them … Continue reading

The Survival of Great Apes – DNA and Orangutans {Part 2}

Spring break is finally over and our good weather looks like it may last a couple of days longer (let’s hope!). The sunshine warms our skin as we play and our hearts as enjoyed our time together. Mostly anyway. At … Continue reading

The Survival of Great Apes {Part 1}

What would you say if I told you great apes like chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans may disappear from the wild within eight years? Would you be shocked? Would you feel a wave of disbelief? Would you feel sad? According to … Continue reading

Protect Wild African Lions

Lions. There not enough words to describe their incredible power, majestic presence, and their awesome roar (or panic-inducing depending where you are). Now the wild population, like so many of our other great predators, are in danger. Estimates indicate there … Continue reading

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