Keeping Our Homes Free of Unwanted Toxins

Exactly What Do You Mean By “Toxic Chemicals?” There are few phrases that grate on my nerves more than “Well, we all lived through it and we’re fine now.” Whatever it is, there are so many things wrong with that … Continue reading

If You Care – Environmentally Friendly Products that Work

I always advocate for using reusable products whenever possible, but there are always going to be times when it won’t. That is when having an eco-friendly alternative will be important. If You Care is a great company that strives for … Continue reading

Independence, Education, and Environment – How do we get where we want to go?

Happy Independence Day, America! photo credit: Photo by Timothy K. Hamilton I could have written something about how to make your Fourth of July celebration eco-friendly, although I still hope you keep your eco-conscious common sense planning the day’s festivities, … Continue reading