The Problem With Genetically Engineered Food

photo credit What Are GMOs? What Are GE Foods? Simply put, GMOs are genetically modified organisms that have been genetically engineered in a laboratory by inserting DNA of different species, including plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses.¬†Genetically engineered food is just … Continue reading

Food Fights: From Arsenic in Our Rice to Labeling GMOs

Tired of the Good Fight I am so very tired of the food fights happening in this country, and abroad. If I am tired, I can only imagine how overwhelmed most Americans must be. When Whole Foods, Stonyfield, and Organic … Continue reading

Take Action: Occupy Our Food Supply!

Today is the day. Occupy Our Food Supply 2012 Global Day of Action is here. I briefly discussed a little of the background yesterday in preparation, but the time is now to use our voices, use our collective power, and … Continue reading

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